15th January 2019

Back in London after five months


Visiting the Barbican Conservatory. Thanks Jane for the tip!

16 responses to “London”

  1. Erica says:

    London is always so charming! Love seeing it from your eyes x


  2. busyandfab says:

    One of my dream cities, the architecture in London always impresses me.

  3. Happy New Year, Anouk. It’s always lovely to see a city through your lens. Great photos! <3 /Madison

  4. I’d love to visit London one day. There’s so much to see and do there. Can’t wait to finally (hopefully) see it.


  5. Missy May says:

    I’m not keen on London, but definitely lots of places to visit over there. Great lovely shots! 🙂

  6. Carmen says:

    Aaw I loved those pictures! And they really make me wanna go back to London – amazing work <3
    xx, Carmen –

  7. Jessica says:

    This is gorgeous dear. There’s just so many beautiful things to see in London. Thanks for sharing!
    Jessica |

  8. Nina says:

    So beautiful pictures. I hope, I will visit London one day. xx

    Nina’s Style Blog

  9. Jane says:

    I did say I didn’t intend to visit London for a while now but looking at these photos makes me itchy for it again!
    I’m glad you enjoyed the Barbican conservatory!

  10. Dasynka says:

    Oh I miss London so much as well, hope to come back asap this year!
    Happy New Year , may it be full of your dreams!
    xx Dasynka

  11. Manisayi says:

    I love these photos, Anouk!! I’ve always wanted to visit London and these pictures make me want to visit even more, haha.

  12. Hannah says:

    Ahhh this makes me miss London so much. Gorgeous photos <3

  13. Great photos! Thanks for sharing!

  14. Must be nice to be back in London. I so want to visit again I have not been there since high school. I want to try and visit at the same time I go to Paris and take the Euro Star. And protests there too? Reminds me of Paris. There were protests outside the Under The Radar show when I was there last year. Though nothing like the ones last month whoooeee.

    Allie of

    • Anouk says:

      Yes, there was a protest but luckily it didn’t get out of control. Definitely try to visit when you’re in Europe.

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