OUNI | Luxembourg

18th February 2017

A little while ago I visited OUNI (organic unpackaged natural ingredients), a shop and café in Luxembourg City.

OUNI is the first grocery store of its kind in Luxembourg. It was created a year ago as a cooperative where the public (members) could buy shares in order to raise the capital that was needed to open the shop.

 For food you may bring your own containers or you may purchase cotton bags that you can fill up with spices, grains, pasta, biscuits, etc.

 Calculating the price of the food

  1. Bring in your empty containers
  2. Determine the weight of the containers (tare weight)
  3. Fill the containers with the food of your choice
  4. Weigh the full containers (gross weight)
  5. For each item, deduce the tare weight of the containers and calculate the final price of the food’s net weight

Some goods are available in reusable glass bottles. Empty bottles and glass containers are sold at the shop in case you forgot your containers at home.

I like the OUNI initiative because it makes us consumers aware of the huge amount of waste we create by buying disposable one-way packaging. It can be considerably reduced by rethinking the way food is sold and how we can easily contribute to preserving our environment.

Would you consider buying unpackaged food and do such shops exist where you live?


55, rue Glesener

L-1631 Luxembourg