Kritzel Fabrik | Luxembourg

30th January 2017

Recently I stopped by KRItZEL FABRIK, the art gallery and studio of Jacques Schneider. It was a pleasure to meet the artist in person and discover this refreshing space filled with his own creations.

Jacques Schneider’s works of art are inspired from Luxembourg’s past and present, with a touch of pop art, often resulting in images which combine his photography and painting.

While the artist pays homage to Luxembourg, its monarchy, its people and history on the one hand, he also shows his fun side by making collages inspired by insider jokes and consisting of personal photos.

At KRItZEL FABRIK other artists get the chance to exhibit their art as well. While I was visiting, some of Madeleine Putz’s pieces were on show.

Jacques Schneider wants the gallery to be a live place, in the sense that the space is frequently transformed so that visitors will get to discover something new on a regular basis. As it is located between Avenue de la Liberté and Avenue de la Gare, you can’t really miss it!


3, rue Jean Origer

L-2269 Luxembourg