Sky Garden, 20 Fenchurch Street | London


  1. 25th March 2016 / 8:33 am

    Wauw. What a view. Your pictures are so great and really beautiful, I love them.
    Xx |Blue Ducklings |Follow on Bloglovin'|

  2. 25th March 2016 / 11:53 am

    Wow, Im sure that view left u speechless. Even though is crowded you could take great photos Anouk, Id like to go there too when in London next time. Happy Ester dear! xo

  3. 25th March 2016 / 12:34 pm

    These pictures are beautiful! You're making me miss London so much.

  4. 25th March 2016 / 1:21 pm

    What a breath taking view. I wish you a Happy Easter!

  5. Jill Dap
    25th March 2016 / 2:18 pm

    I've seen so many photos of this place and it's gorgeous! Hope I can visit it one day xx

  6. 25th March 2016 / 7:32 pm

    The light on the last photo is breathtaking… Absolutely gorgeous! x

  7. 25th March 2016 / 9:51 pm

    Beautiful city view. The jumper/sweater on the hot water bottle is too funny HAHA At first I thought they are doggie cloths since they look so small! I can't wait for warmer weather. I am so sick of having icy cold fingers and toes!

  8. Joël Seiller
    26th March 2016 / 2:30 pm

    that's on my list for my next trip to london.
    Very nice picture from the Shard btw.

  9. 26th March 2016 / 8:12 pm

    That's really interesting to see that they are letting in more people now. When we went it had just opened and they weren't letting in many people each hour so it had a lovely feeling of spaciousness

  10. Dressed With Soul
    26th March 2016 / 8:40 pm

    Wow, the views are amazing and I laughed so much about the jumpers for the hot water bottles 🙂

    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  11. 26th March 2016 / 9:02 pm

    You have such a great eye for photography! Always love the photos you take.

  12. 27th March 2016 / 5:01 pm

    Not sure why this has changed and I also wonder why they don't charge an entrance fee…

  13. 28th March 2016 / 6:14 pm

    Goodness gracious! London has changed so much since my last visit back in 2009! I guess I must plan a trip there to make up for all the time lost in between 🙂 Love the views you captured, Anouk. I will have to put them on my list of (new to me) things to see.

  14. 30th March 2016 / 2:58 pm

    You were really lucky to have seen the sunset over London from above! Very nice photos!

  15. martynaaleksandra
    10th April 2016 / 6:28 am

    Oh wow! It must have been an amazing experience to finally visit the Sky Garden! Hopefully next time it will happen for me too 😉

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