October | London

21st October 2015

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  1. Tiffany says:

    Love the photos..I miss London!! I guess you are going back again soon?

  2. Hope to meet you one day here πŸ™‚

  3. Betty Szanto says:

    Love the photos you took in London! I have never been there before but I am planning to visit in November finally. Can`t wait!

  4. Isabella says:

    So gorgeous! I want to study abroad in London one day. Your photos wash me over with wanderlust!


  5. I went to London last week, too. And am going again next Tuesday, all being well. Absolutely love love love the photos! You really capture the atmosphere and all the Britishness! x

  6. Jess says:

    We were just in London as well and miss it already! Love these photos.

    Mimi & Chichi

  7. So many wonderful pictures. I hope that someday I am going to visit London!

  8. you take the best photos, I want that ice cream sandwich

  9. You captured London so beautifully! Love the photos!


  10. I really feel like I am missing something, having in mind I've never been in London. It's a must-destination for sure. Wonderful photos! Hope you had a nice time there!

  11. Pamela RG says:

    Love London too. It's always charming and so many places to discover. The food there is interesting now too.

  12. Edyta says:

    London looks spectacular through your lens πŸ˜‰

  13. Marvellous photos. I miss London a lot sometimes, except the weather, lol. Love the food photos here.
    International Foodie Files

  14. Beautiful London with amazing photos!!
    xo, Jane

  15. Christina Hu says:

    Love all your photos! Absolutely gorgeous! I'd love to visit London one day, too!

    xoxo, Christina

    Stray Birds and Lavender

  16. BubblEsther says:

    Beautiful photos, it's always such a good feeling to go back to your favorite places! You make me wanna go to London right now πŸ™‚ Those dishes look sooooooooo delicious!
    Hope you have a great time there!

    xo, Esther


  17. Wow you certainly got around London, Soho, Notting Hill, Abbey Road…let me know if you fancy a coffee next time you are over here

    Suze | LuxuryColumnist

  18. Fab photos! Ah you're totally making me miss London. The last time I visited was in October over 5 years ago.

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  19. Andrea Brito says:

    Such a beautiful photos! I need to travel to London!


  20. Such fun and lively photos Anouk! Wow, a year? It must've been nice to go back and visit again. πŸ™‚

  21. You never fail to amuse me with all your travel photos. So far, this is my favorite. I'm motivated to save more to travel to my dream place, London. <3

    Have a nice day!


  22. Jane says:

    I'm so excited to visit London again in February. These photos are beautiful!

  23. trishie says:

    Stunning pics! Your photography is really amazing. Glad to hear you'll be back in your favourite city again next month.

  24. Definitely waiting for this post! Amazing pictures! London is also one of my favorite cities, I cannot wait to be back in January, I have already booked my ticket!


  25. Lilli says:

    I hadn't been there since 1997, could u believe?! I wish I visited it again soon, especially cause Id love a food tour πŸ™‚ That vegan ice cream sadwich looks so delish! xo

  26. These photos are SO beautiful! You make London even more special than it already it <3


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