I haven't done a beauty post for a while! I got some new (new for me) products, which I want to show you today. Let's start with two anti-ageing creams: Estée Lauder Advanced Time Zone & Estée Lauder DayWear. Both can be used day and night, including DayWear, which I initially thought was a day cream only. What do I like about them? First of all, their light texture as they are non-greasy (unlike many other creams) and the fact that they come with SPF 15. They are available for different skin types and I've now added them to my permanent cream rotation list.

Over time I have acquired a few freckles and lately I have been looking for a skin brightening cream. I really never would have thought that I would one day but there you go... My blogger friend Sun recommended By Terry Cellularose Brightening CC Lumi-Serum. I have to admit that at first I did not really like the shimmery effect it leaves on my face. Once I add foundation though, it is no longer visible. I will use the product up but I'm not yet sure, whether I will buy again. Time will tell if this will turn into an essential or not. 

I grew a bit unhappy with the Marc Jacobs and Givenchy foundations that I used to love. I'm not saying that the quality of these products diminished. They just didn't really match my changing skin any longer I guess. Recently I gave these drugstore alternatives Bourjois 123 Perfect CC Cream and Accord Parfait Fluide by L'Oréal Paris a try. I love them. Sometimes I just use the CC cream on its own but on most days I wear the foundation on top. Super great value and they provide full and lasting coverage. Will definitely buy again! 

I love my loose powders. For years I have been using Lancôme's Poudre Majeur Excellence Libre but I was curious to see what else was out there and I opted for Diorskin Nude Air Poudre Libre. I am really impressed by it because it keeps my skin matte for longer. Estée Lauder Poudre Libre Perfection du Teint is also great, mostly to carry around with me in my bag as it comes in a smaller size and is a perfect alternative to pressed powders. 

Last but not least the magic serum by Estée Lauder: Advanced Night Repair, which I have been using for while now. They say that you can use it day and night but I only apply it before going to sleep. I can definitely see the difference that this product makes. My skin looks more youthful and refreshed the times that I put it on. It's really worth the investment.

I will present more beauty products in an upcoming post, so please stay tuned!




  1. I've been using the Este Lauder cream but the night one, and unfortunately it didn't work so well with my skin. Wishing you a lovely week ahead! xx


  2. I tried By Terry and Estee Lauder, they both are great! Thanks for sharing!


  3. Oh the Dior powder sounds mesmerizing, Id like to get it as well. The Estee Lauder serum is magical indeed! Have a great start into the week Anouk! xo

  4. Yaya Van Chique5/15/2017 10:07 pm

    Ech sichen schon eng gudd Zaitchen no enger gudder Day cream...mol kucken!Villeicht probeiren ech dei vun EL mol!

  5. I've been loving that Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair ever since I rediscovered it recently. I concur with you that it really makes a difference.

  6. These loose powders sound wonderful

    Nina's Style Blog

  7. OMG the night repair serum is amazing! I swear by it!


  8. These all look so lovely, I really want to try that night repair serum

  9. I have used some Estee Lauder products in the past and loved them. The advanced night repair is a great product, I did like that one but used it seldomly. These sound like a great addition to you beauty arsenal. Enjoy the start to the new week. <3

  10. Great haul. I am always trying so many face creams and just few of them are satisfying. If you say that the Estée Lauder Advanced Time Zone & Estée Lauder DayWear has a light texture, well then I am going to look up for it!

  11. From Luxe With Love5/16/2017 3:01 pm

    I need to try these! x



  12. I love reading about what other bloggers are using + loving! Thanks for sharing this, lady!

    Le Stylo Rouge

  13. Advanced night repair is a great product. I used it many years ago and loved it. Enjoy!


  14. Carmen Jny (carmitive)5/17/2017 10:19 am

    Oh I looove this night serum from Estée Lauder Anouk! I really want to try out that day wear treatment as well :)
    xx, Carmen - http://www.carmitive.com

  15. Looks like you've made some really nice purchases! :)


  16. These products look amazing! Thanks for sharing as I really need to take care of my skin now that Im getting older... Xx Susanne - http://bagatyou.com

  17. Oh I have been wondering about the Advanced Night Repair serum. I was debating between this one and Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Concentrate. Have you tried the latter?


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