Eurovision 2017

For the past few years K and I have watched Eurovision together if possible. Last year she was travelling but this time she was around and hosted the Eurovision dinner at her place.

We had a Poncha for apéritif. K discovered this traditional drink when she visited Madeira. 

This year's line-up was not impressive... Usually I have at least two or three favourites but yesterday I only liked Australia's contribution, Don't Come Easy by Isaiah. Unfortunately he didn't win though as Portugal took home the prize with Amar Pelos Dois by Salvador Sobral. I think that it is the first time that they won the contest. The song is not too bad. It could be on a film soundtrack. 

I know that it is a cheesy event but knowing that 200 million people all over the world are watching it, makes me feel a bit less embarrassed about it, haha. And as always, the show is best watched while checking Twitter (hashtag esc or eurovision) and reading everyone's snarky comments. 

This is the dinner we had: courgette gazpacho with croutons.

The main course was my favourite: mac and cheese including potatoes and onions served with applesauce. It was sooo delicious!

For dessert K had made petit beurre cake with butter cream and a cup of tea.

Hopefully we will manage to watch next year's Eurovision together again. I'll be hosting then.



  1. Bella Skoog (Bella)14.5.17

    Haha, I couldn't agree more about the twitter thing! This year's line-up wasn't great at all in my opinion, and I just can't get over the fact that Germanys song sounded so much alike David Guettas 'Titanium'.

    Hugs Bella, http://nouw.com/bellss // Instagram: bellaskoog

  2. That looks like so much fun. I never watch it live but I always catch the re-run of the final. I absolutely love Eurovision and love that Australia has somehow wormed its way into it hahaha.

    Jane / deluminators

  3. Ah, as cheesy as it may, I also love watching it every single year! The petit beurre cake with butter cream you enjoyed for dessert sounds absolutely delicious. My favourite entries this year were Sweden and Romania :)

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice | Worldwide NARS Beauty Giveaway x

  4. I love watching Eurovision! And I also thought that they weren't too great this year.. although I did like Hungary and Moldova :) xx


  5. This is such a fun article!! Hope you had a great time watching! Big Xx Susanne - http://bagatyou.com

  6. What a fun tradition! Obviously we don't get the Eurovision broadcast in the US but sometimes we will hear about the song that won.

  7. Didier Young15.5.17

    aaaah I didn't get to watch the eurovision this year!!! Hopefully it will be on youtube so I can watch it later!


  8. Hahahaha. Aussies love us some Eurovision, hence why y'all finally let us join in! I have to admit this year was one I kept tuning in and out of. Still nice to see the "crazies" out with the gorilla suit and horses head masks lol. I wasn't a massive fan of portugals song. I felt like he kept moving away from the mic too much (or maybe I was zoning out again) but happy they won. First time they ever won! Might have to go there next year hahahaha


  9. This sounds like so much fun! I watched it too but having a Eurovision dinner sounds like it'd be even better :) I have to admit, the snarky tweets are one of my favourite parts of it too haha!

  10. Looks like the perfect way to watch Eurovision. I watched it too and felt the same there was nothing too exciting this year. Gemma x

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  12. Yaya Van Chique15.5.17

    Oh wow!Ech hun bessi treinen an den Aan elo!Deen Poncha ech wees genee wous de deen kriss an mat weem ech en fier lescht do gedronk hun zu Madeira ass en klengen chagrin, mais schein dass de sou en themateschen Owend haas!

  13. Like you, it's often more fun to read everyone's comments to an event. Sometimes I even laugh out loud how clever some people can be... your meal looks divine! That cake!!!


    Love, Mary


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