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Last weekend was quite busy and I took time off work earlier this week to fit everything in. Here's a little recap. 

On Saturday we had a family gathering at my sister's house where we had Chinese fondue, plenty of desserts and drinks. 

There were two pots: one for seafood and one for meat. 

I hadn't been looking forward to Chinese fondue that much but it turned out to be very good. 

We had a nice selection of desserts to choose from. It was like having another Christmas meal. 

As you can imagine, no one left this dinner with an empty stomach. 


On Sunday I went for brunch at IKKI. In my opinion it's the best brunch in Luxembourg City. There is a cold and hot selection, sushi and desserts. To be honest I have never ever tried any hot food because there is just too much to choose from. 


After brunch I caught a flight to London to be with a special friend. 

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We had several nice meals but my favourite was the romantic dinner we had at Hakkasan (Hanway Place). It was a bit of a challenge to get there on time because there was a tube strike and street traffic was moving very slowly. Luckily we weren't too late in the end. 

The food was absolutely amazing; as good as the one I had previously had at Hakkasan in Abu Dhabi and New York City. 

It was nice to be in London which I consider to be my second home as I lived there for almost six years. I can't wait to be back in a couple of weeks. 


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