Weekend in Milan

I would never have thought that Milan would be a city that I would regularly travel to but since my Italian friend G. (who I met through work in Luxembourg) moved there, I have visited seven times already. 

I got there on Friday evening and the journey to my hotel took ages. I got to my hotel by 10 pm and went for dinner at their restaurant Four B. I was sitting there by myself when a young man who was having dinner alone at the table next to me asked me if we could sit together. I wasn't feeling very social but I said yes. 

He was visiting from Poland and was staying at the hotel with his parents. He was telling me about his hobbies, his business and in the end it was nice to have met him. Just for the record: we shared the same table and the bill but not the same hotel room, haha. 

The food was great - I had a grilled salmon even though I had been very tempted by the pasta dishes on the menu. 

The next morning I went to the city centre to have a look at the shops. 

Sun had told me to eat at Camillo Benso. I secured a table for a late lunch. The spaghetti with tomato sauce was mind-blowing. The service was not that impressive. One waiter was super friendly and helpful while the others looked very grumpy and I thought, "sorry for eating here". 

After lunch I went to MUDEC (Museum of Cultures) to look at their permanent exhibition. 

"Crafting the Future" was a temporary exhibition that I enjoyed quite a lot. 

In the evening I had dinner at the Michelin starred restaurant VUN. I will do a separate post about that experience. 

On my last day I caught up with G. We had coffee at Cioccolati Italiani where we had been when I visited before. 

We then had lunch at Pizza + Cucina. 

We had a simple whole wheat pizza margherita at Pizza + Cucina. It was incredibly good! The base was crispy and light and the taste was just perfect. Still drooling as I'm writing about it. 

My trip didn't have such a happy ending as my flight home was cancelled after being delayed for more than two hours. I had to get a super pricey replacement flight which was delayed by three hours. I'm still catching up on sleep - hopefully I will be able to get some decent rest this weekend. Other than that, my Milan trip was totally worth it and I shall go back again soon. 



  1. It must have been amazing weekend! Lovely photos ʕ•́ᴥ•̀ʔっ

    * Le blog de la Licorne *

  2. Excellent post and it looks like you had such a great time in Milan! I've only visited once and really enjoyed it.

    Love those shoes with the little lips, so quirky and different.

    Thanks for sharing!

    Laura xo

  3. How lovely it must be to have visited Milan so many times. It looks like such a vibrant city! Love the museum images!

  4. And bring me with u so!:P Love Milan, is such a wonferful and enchanting city. The pizza looks so delish! Sorry for the flight, followed ur misadventure on Ig stories. Kisses! xo

  5. Trudy Danso7.10.16

    Wow Milan looks absolutely amazing! I've never been but I would love to go next year.
    So fun that you've been there so often to keep in touch with your friend! It's always good to have friends abroad where you have a good relationship with!


  6. Tessy Onyia7.10.16

    Oh wow! this is totally amazing! the foods looks yummy!!!


  7. Beautiful photos as usual! The restaurants and food look really good!! & the clothes/shoes at the exhibit are stunning. That sounds like a really stressful journey back home. I hope you were able to get a refund for the cancelled flight?!

  8. I love all of these photos! You seem to always meet guys in restaurants


  9. I'm still waiting for my refund but hopefully I will receive it. Otherwise I will not fly easyJet again.

  10. Beauty Follower7.10.16

    Wonderful photos!


  11. mfashionfreak7.10.16

    i love this ;D you have an amazing blog!!


  12. Love these photos! Milan looks beautiful x

    http://nxkta.blogspot.com/ || http://instagram.com/nxktablog

  13. Lenya7.10.16

    Beautiful photos, Milan must be a lovely place to visit. I am sure you had an amazing time.

  14. Jane Fitfabfun7.10.16

    Amazing photo journey! You and your friends look so cute together!
    xo, Jane

  15. 'Crafting the Future' looks like a brilliant exhibition and your dinner setting for the evening at the hotel looks so stylish. How nice to have shared a table with a stranger for the evening too; surprise encounters like that can be so interesting!

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice x

  16. How amazing are these pictures. I've been to Milan a few times and absolutely loved it.


  17. Pamela RG8.10.16

    Milan is a beautiful city to visit. The Cathedral was truly grand. That's nice that you met a fellow traveler. Too bad it took so long for you to get home. At least you got home safe.

  18. Love the way you taking the pictures :)

    - Lily Kanaya

  19. can you buy me the blue knitted shirt, please? (14th picture)

    I would wear that straight away :-)

  20. Yeah, look super comfy and the colour is gorgeous!

  21. kenza dwn9.10.16

    Somehow I ended up totally in love with Milano, its shops and its food !

    Great picture ! :)

    Kenza from http://travelwithkenza.blogspot.co.uk/

  22. I would love to go to Milan, It looks amazing! I love your photos so much! Gemma x

  23. How lucky you are to spend a weekend in Milan! I looks so beautiful... and I want that little white clutch with the hand clasp!


    Love, Mary

  24. Milan just like I remember it - wonderful architecture and amazing food! Sorry about your flight back. I saw on Instagram - what a shame!

  25. Elena de Conjuntados.com9.5.17

    ¡Qué outfit tan ideal, me encanta!


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