Birthday brunch

I can't believe that I almost haven't blogged for almost a week. I was busy: after work drink on Monday, theatre performance on Tuesday, piano class on Wednesday and by Thursday I was completely exhausted. I have started taking iron and multi-vitamin supplements because otherwise I won't survive this autumn / winter. 

Today I went to my friend K's delicious birthday brunch. As always she had made a huge amount of food. Not everything is pictured. Besides from what you can see, there were smoothies, dips, drinks, etc. I ate so much but it was good! And this evening I'm eating out at the restaurant, brunching again tomorrow and going out for dinner on Monday. 

Regarding any upcoming travel plans: I'm thinking of going somewhere in December but I don't know where. Maybe Iceland or a city trip. I wouldn't mind revisiting Monaco and have a relaxing time... I'll probably go on a long distance trip in January or February. I haven't been to Asia for a couple of years now and it would be about time to head east again. While the fortune cookie tells me to keep my plans top secret, I have to admit that there really isn't anything to conceal... 



  1. That brunch looks delicious and I love the tablecloths. I hope you feel less tired, I'm taking magnesium as that's supposed to be good

  2. I know what u mean! I have to take iron and vitamins supplements too for my veg diet but the tablets (the iron ones) make me feel sick too. Btw, the brunch looks so mouthwatering, lots of tasty food! Curious to know where u are going now! Xo

  3. Food looks delicious. I am taking iron and muti vitamins supplements for my health and gives me energy. Keep it up. Your fortune cookie message is spot on. Looking forward to your future travels.

  4. That food looks amazing. Sounds like you've been busy too.
    Excited to hear a bit more about your travel plans!!

    Jane / deluminators

  5. That food looks delicious! I hope your friend had a great birthday.

    Via Sora || Exploring NYFW and 29 Rooms
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  6. Soudnds like a wonderful birthday brunch! Hope you and your birthday friend enjoyed!


  7. Aaaaah your pictures are always the epitome of perfection, seriously. And it's so exciting that you're planning a few trips! :D

  8. Wow this looks awesome

    Samtex John

  9. I was wondering where you had gone. The supplements are probably a good bet to keep yourself from getting sick. I've been stepping up on mine with the changes in weather. Looks like a lovely birthday feast!

  10. That looks like so much good food! And I would definitely go to Monaco! I loved the day I spent exploring there =o)


  11. Wow sounds like you are so busy! I find that the shorter days make taking photos way harder. It was so easy in the summer because he got dark so late. But also difficult because I couldn't take photos in the day because it was so bright.

  12. Beauty Follower10/17/2016 8:52 pm

    Delicious photos!!!


  13. Anouk,
    Your life is so fun... filled with good food and friends! Lovely. That spread of bday food looks so amazing!


    Love, Mary

  14. Oooh Iceland would be amazing. Cold but so freaking amazing!


  15. Everything looks so good !
    Also I have a quick question, I'm gonna spend my birthday in London since I moved out there and I'm looking for a really nice restaurant, do you have any suggestions ?

    Thank you ! :)

    Kenza from http://travelwithkenza.blogspot.co.uk/

  16. Wow, so much food! And everything looks delicious! Hope you had a nice time.

  17. Well, it depends what kind of cuisine you are looking for. Also great restaurants can be fully booked months ahead, therefore it's best to make a decision as soon as you can. If I could pick a place for my birthday, I would consider The Ivy. I don't think that you can book it via Opentable; best is to call them directly. xo


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