Toronto 2016

Here is a collection of my Toronto impressions. When I was planning my North America trip, I wanted to visit Toronto first and keep the highlight, New York, for the end. As it turned out, I had to put the cities the other way round and to be honest, I am glad that I did because Toronto turned out to be the highlight (don't get me wrong, New York is and will always be very special to me). 

I found Toronto very different from Montreal (my only previous Canadian experience) and equally, if not more, pleasant. It's a vibrant, clean, and super friendly city. I immediately felt at home! I got the impression that people are highly civilised and enjoy a great quality of life there. I definitely want to return in the future but not before I have visited Vancouver, which will be my destination of choice when I will travel to Canada next. Hopefully this will materialise next year. 

PS: the glass sculptures are by Dale Chihuly. His exhibition is on at the Royal Ontario Museum until January 2017.



  1. Does Dale Chihuly also do the glass flowers at the Bellagio? They look so much alike! Gorgeous photos of Toronto. I havent visited before but would love to.

    Abigail Alice x

  2. Yes, he did. Well spotted! He also did the chandelier at the V&A in London.

  3. Stunning photography, just looks like the perfect place to be!

    Anika | anikamay.co.uk

  4. The architecture is spectacular and I love the Dale Chihuly glassworks

  5. Very nice photos! It's so cool seeing Toronto through your eyes.. Many places in your photos I walk by every day and don't even think to stop and look. I'm looking forward to Vancouver!!

  6. Andrea jueong8.9.16

    A lot of amazing pictures!


  7. So many amazing shots! Toronto is beautiful. :)

    Le Stylo Rouge

  8. Wow thanks for sharing so many beautiful photos. Toronto looks so fun!


  9. Gorgeous photos except the one of the Blue Jays logo! I'm a NY Yankee fan and I can't help but hate them. Love the Chihuly shots! His work is so beautiful!

  10. Pamela RG9.9.16

    I am glad you enjoyed Toronto and it's people. We are definitely more welcoming and friendly than Montreal. Toronto is more diverse too in people, culture and restaurants. Your photos are amazing.

  11. Your photos captured Toronto beautifully. I feel like some of them (if not all of them) should be in a Toronto City guidebook!! :) I went there four years ago and really enjoyed the city as well!

  12. Photos are really stunning babe! Really had this dream that I wanna visit that place really soon. Never been to so much places still.
    Thanks for sharing this post babe!

    Elisha | http://loveelisha.net

  13. These photos are amazing! It is crazy how much the city has changed since 2007! That is when I moved back to the west coast. If you come over to Vancouver make sure you make it out to Victoria on the island and I can show you around!

  14. I'm so upset I missed all the action on Snapchat but I've loved catching up on your blog. I have family in Toronto I've never met (I don't think I have anyway) so it's always been somewhere I've wanted to visit. Though I never come across any Toronto photos from peoples travels. They always seem to hit Vancouver and Montreal! Toronto really looks like an awesome concrete playground. Kinda like NYC but less claustrophobic.


  15. Toronto is amazing, one of my fav place in the whole world! Even though it brings me back sad memories, is always so stunning and I do hope to visit it again soon! Your photos are dreamy and caught its beauty! xo

  16. Everything looks so majestic there. The buildings, the streets, everything. I can feel from your photos that people there enjoy a high quality life. Toronto is a must-see for sure. Love the night photo of the city.

  17. Wow it just looks amazing! I love your photos. Gemma x

  18. The meeting of both old and new architecture is amazing and you've captured it all so well - some of the larger structures are mind-blowing!

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice x

  19. great photos! the one of the squirrel laying out made me LOL! lil dude is so cute! he is just chilling.


  20. Jane Fitfabfun10.9.16

    Your photos look amazing! Toronto is such a beautiful city!
    xo, Jane

  21. kenza dwn10.9.16

    Great picture ! Fav place eveeeer :)

    Kenza from http://travelwithkenza.blogspot.fr/

  22. Great photos and love the order of them, especially the architecture. When we were there we had a chance to see the Blue Jays years back. It was fun! Have a lovely weekend. x/Madison

  23. OMG this lovely post reminded me of toronto!!
    thank you for such a sweet pics xx



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