Street Parade | Zurich

When I booked my trip to Zurich, I had no idea that I was going to be there for the annual Street Parade. I found out the day before that there was going to be this event but I didn't know that it was such a huge thing. Apparently more than a million people gather for the largest techno party in the world. 

Ever since my scary experience in Paris, I am a bit reluctant to find myself in large crowds. As I wanted to walk around the Zurich city centre on my first day and as 99 percent of the shops were closed, I couldn't really escape the Parade.

Young and old were dressed up, ready to drink, dance and pass out on the street during the afternoon. Clouds of weedy scents were all over the place. I guess that's why I had such good night's sleep, haha! It was a nice day though, really hot and it was interesting to see a different face of Switzerland. From my previous experiences I've always seen it as a nice, neat and neutral place. An idyllic fairytale world where everyone is happy and well off. 

What follows is a mix of photos: shots from the Street Parade, touristy sights and a bit of food and fashion. WARNING: long post ahead. I was a bit quiet on the blogging front and I was overly motivated when it came to taking pics again. 

Vegetarian lunch at Tibits. I first discovered this restaurant chain in London thanks to my blogger friend Martyna. 

This is where it's at: THE party bridge. 

For dinner I went to Kantorei. Their terrace looked really nice. They only had one vegetarian dish on their menu, so I picked that one: ricotta ravioli. 

A calorie bomb for sure but it was really good! 

Neumarkt 2
8001 Zurich



  1. A street parade in Zurich is something I'd love to see and attend. I have no doubt people there are interesting and quite different from people here. I don't mind seeing a long post from you, your photos represent the spirit of the city at this time very well.

  2. Violette14.8.16

    Beautiful photos! Hope you had a great time!


  3. Stephanie Williams14.8.16

    Those surprises are always so interesting! You book a ticket and don't even know something big and fun is happening during the time. I remember reading your post about Paris, and it's totally understandable how you feel, and I'm happy to hear that it went well :)

  4. Wonderful surprises and beautiful images Anouk!


  5. Fun post! The Street parade sounds a bit like Love Parade in Germany but less trouble. :) I love when you happen to visit a place where there's an event without your knowing. Have a lovely week, Anouk. x

  6. Jane Fitfabfun14.8.16

    Your photos are amazing! Love the colors and textures!
    xo, Jane

  7. wow the outfits! I love the angel wings!

    Abigail Alice x

  8. After the experience you had in Paris, I can see why you'd want to avoid crowds for now. It looks like you managed well during the parade and captured some fantastic images as well. That ravioli looks TDF!

  9. how fun that you got to experience the street parade while in Zurich =o) looks like it was quite the party!


  10. I really like all of the filters you use on your photos, what editing software do you use? I am starting to experiment more with editing.
    Great photos

  11. Hi Laura,
    All my photos go through Photoshop Lightroom. Really the best photo editor!

  12. ah ok thank you! I use pic monkey haha. I need to get light room but I don't know how to use it. I want to take a class in November. You should do a tutorial on here.

  13. I didn't take any Photoshop classes. Lightroom is fairly easy to use. You have to play around with the settings (exposure, contrast, curves, etc.) just like you do when editing an Instagram photo :)

  14. Ok sounds good, maybe I will get it and play around a little. I bet I could find some tutorials online.

  15. I'm more of a learning-by-doing person but I'm sure that you will tutorials online.

  16. Pamela RG16.8.16

    Looks so festive. The pasta looks delicious.

  17. Corie Bratter16.8.16

    Such lovely pictures!


  18. Amazing photos!! It has happened to me in the past when I travelled somewhere and coincidentally on a day that a large event was happening lol (the gay pride parade in Amsterdam and Queens Jubilee in London) Looks like you had a fun time! You should do more long posts!

  19. Looks amazing! Not surprised you feel nervous after the Paris experience. Loved your photos the fruit salads looks delicious and that BAG!!!! Gemma x


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