Saturday, 16 July 2016


Lang/Baumann: Beautiful Steps #10

Today I went to Casino Luxembourg, a contemporary art forum in the city centre. It's true that I could visit more art events and museums in Luxembourg because plenty is going on and I've certainly been missing out on a lot. I hadn't been to Casino for many many years and it was really interesting to see how the space has changed. 

Le Gypse by Lara Almarcegui

In the past this room was divided up into white cubes whose walls were used to display exhibitions. These cubes have now been taken down, they were ground and are now covering the floor of the room where they once stood (on a temporary basis). 

Le bruit des bonbons - the astounding eyes of Syria

The story behind these pink candies was also a very surprising discovery. The sweets are in the shape of the Eye Idol, an ancient sculpture from Syria. 

It was possible to eat the sweets and buy some; the proceeds are for Syrian refugees. 

This is what I was up to earlier on: I had brunch with a friend at La Table du Pain. There are several options to choose from and I tried the cheese brunch. It was good but I would try a different option next time. I might also come here for lunch at some point because there are lots of tempting salads on the menu too. 

19, avenue Monterey
L-2163 Luxembourg



  1. I wonder if people ever go to the Casino thinking that it actually is a casino ? The exhibition looks interesting, especially the Eye Idol candies

  2. I think it's clear that it's a space for art (when you read about it or walk by) but it's likely that people think that it used to be a Casino in the past, which it was not. There is also an interesting historical link to the UK: Sir Winston Churchill visited the Casino in 1946.

  3. Those art exhibits are so cool! I like the one of the powdered down walls, and how neat that the candy sales proceeds go to refugees. This looks like a great saturday and your brunch picture is making me hungry now!

    xx Tristan

  4. It looks very interesting! Hope you enjoyed!

  5. Such an interesting exhibition =o) I really enjoy visiting a gallery or exhibit every few years to see what has changed, and what new art has transformed the place =o)

  6. I love seeing how exhibits can change over the years by going back to certain museums. That food looks delicious! Hope your Sunday is just as great. :)

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  7. Casino looks really interesting! Especially the candies, I would have been tempted (a good cause as well!).
    Jane / deluminators

  8. Wow, great post! The photos are so professional!

  9. Spending time to appreciate some contemporary art sounds really lovely; I love the concept behind the cart of sweets - how great to be able to purchase some while contributing to a good cause!

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice x

  10. The stairs in that first image are lovely and so is your capture! Thanks for showing us around Casino Luxembourg!

  11. Beautiful pictures! Are you a photographer by profession?! ๐Ÿ˜

    Gorgeously Flawed

  12. Andreea Birsan7/18/2016 12:19 am

    I'm always surprised by the great places that you visit and the gorgeous photos that you take. x

    Happy weekend,

  13. As a photography lover I have to tell you - very nice pics :))) And just being curious - Are you from Luxembourg?

    I invite you to visit my travel blog and read my latest posts... I hope you'll like them :)

  14. Cool exhibits! Your post inspired me to visit the Toronto galleries/museums again too lol..I haven't been in sooo many years (never really thought to do so in my own city!)

  15. You go to the coolest art galleries! I would love to visit your city and have you show me around

  16. Beautiful photos! Happy new week, dear.
    xx Elisa

  17. Very interesting art gallery and place!

  18. Brunch looks delicious and the old Casino looks pretty cool. Gemma x

  19. Must be very interesting to visit, the space looks cool. Lovely that is possible to buy some sweets for a good cause. Happy Monday Anouk! xo

  20. wow!!! such interesting pictures!! :D it's a place i'd totally want to see myself!

    Have a great week!

    Animated Confessions

  21. Anouk,
    It looks like an interesting and relaxed Saturday. It's so fun to visit new unusual art exhibits. I have to admit I don't always "get" art but I always come out with a new perspective. Your cheese lunch looks divine! Those slices with the herbs looks heavenly.

    Love, Mary

  22. What a cool place- love the shots! Would be fun to wander around here. :)

    Le Stylo Rouge

  23. How picturesque... my kind of way to spend a weekend. Hopefully proceeds from the candies go to refugees.

  24. I liked that you shared this with us, so much, because the situation in the world is getting difficult, and it is so nice that some sale proceeds go to Syrian refugees. The day seemed to be o nice and the brunch was perfect! I would love to visit this place!

  25. the place looks amazing. I would like to taste the pink candy though


  26. How lovely, and I'm always up for appreciating more art along the way. Love these images, and I didn't know the story behind the pink candies. Have a pleasant week. x/Madison

  27. Rajwant Kaur Singh7/20/2016 11:14 pm

    Beautiful shots and a great cause
    Looks like a wonderful day out

    What Raj Wants

  28. So creative. Eating out after a visit to the museum is always the best.

  29. I rarely visit museums in my home town, and I know I should change this. This one sounds very interesting to see. I am impressed by the story of the white cubes. The mound in the middle of the room looks quite odd.


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