Joel, a blogger from Luxembourg, nominated me for a Liebster Award and today I'm answering his questions. 

If vegan living became a law, you would... ?

Really welcome the idea. I don't eat meat anyway and I don't think that it would be difficult for me to become a vegan. If it were a law, there would be vegan products all over the place and it would be easy to "buy" that lifestyle. 

What has been your most embarrassing moment?

Once I had the great opportunity to shake hands with Bill Clinton and all I could say to him was, 'Thank you!'. Still cringing when I think about it. 

You're allowed to reinvent yourself entirely. Who would you want to be or what would you change?

I would still choose to be myself with all my faults, weaknesses and crazy thoughts. By learning from my mistakes, I can become a better version of myself. 

You may play in the sandbox. What will you build?

I never had the patience to build anything when playing in the sand... Maybe I would draw patterns like in a Japanese zen garden.

Letting go means having free hands. What will you 'grasp' first?

Just being grateful for what I have and accepting the way things are. Easier said than done though.

Your life is made into a movie. Which actress will play you?

I would probably have to play myself. I can't think of any actress that looks like me... 

A milestone birthday is coming up. What will you be doing?

I would do what I do for most other birthdays: celebrate with my family, celebrate separately with friends, buy myself a gift and go on a trip. 

About blogging: how did you come up with the title of your blog?

I was looking for one unique word. Being from Luxembourg and once in a while loving to surround myself with luxurious things, I came up with LUXESSED. Every other month I'm thinking about changing it, but so far I haven't found a better alternative yet. 

What would be your first official act as a good dictator?

I would encourage people to be positive, loving and reward them for it. 

As a child, what food weren't you able to eat and still disgusts you today?

Beef tongue. Yuck.

You are supposed to write the ultimate flattery. Who would you dedicate it to?

I would dedicate it to my parents because they have always been there for me and only ever have wanted the best for me. 

Thanks Joel for these interesting questions!



  1. Haha you didn't like beef tongue? Actually I'm probably not a big fan either but I definitely have tasted them more than once. If seasoned well, duck tongue actually tastes ok. Anyway, it's nice to see some of the questions being answered :)

  2. Very nice answers :-) Happy weekend my dear!


  3. Well done Anouk, have enjoyed ur answers since I see we have lots of common. Lol for the Bill Clinton fact, I would have probably made the same! Love also ur floral photos, to die for! Enjoy ur weekend! xo

  4. Carina Vardie7/30/2016 9:43 pm

    Fun Q&A, I also always try to be grateful. The Bill Clinton experience is so funny.


  5. So nice to learn more about bloggers we're following!


  6. I love reading these types of posts! Great to know more about you!

  7. Lovely post hun...xo, Neha


  8. A few surprising answers i must admit.

  9. I've always liked the name Luxessed for your blog! It's so to the point and appropriate haha.

  10. I just laughed about your Bill Clinton moment - I am so sorry haha xx

    Gemma ♥ | Miss Makeup Magpie

  11. Luxessed is such an awesome and original name! Don't change it! :o) Seriously, one of the most original names out there, mysterious by means of having several definitions. I'd go vegan too, I'm not a big meat eater also. Meat doesn't taste nice for me, even chicken. I have to have it smothered in sauce or vegetables to hide that "taste" bahahahaha!


  12. Wow, having the chance to shake hands with Bill Clinton is such an honor! Please, don't vote for vegan living to become a law, haha. Very interesting questions indeed.

  13. goodmorning, nice post and interview.these photos of flowers are marvellous...did you create these photos? these lovely flowers are in Your garden?...and...I'm wondering,What about Your outfit when do You did shake hands with Mr. Bill?

  14. So nice to get to know more about you Anouk! You're such an interesting and thoughtful person! I celebrate my bday in exactly the same way!


    Love, Mary

  15. Jane Fitfabfun8/02/2016 6:38 am

    Love to read through these fun Q&A and to know you better!!
    xo, Jane

  16. Loved this post and finding out a little more about you. x

  17. Love this questionnaire, Anouk and also getting to know a bit more about you!


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