Currently in London

I'm currently in London for a short weekend. I was last here in March but that seems ages ago. Saturday was so hot, around 28 degrees and I felt like being in LA. 

As I was walking around the city, I ran into a pro EU march. People were chanting, 'EU, we love you'. 

I did some window shopping, in order to get an idea of the latest trends. I didn't buy anything though.

The world traveller that I'd like to think I am, made a mistake by not having set the clock to UK time. I showed up at the restaurant where I had booked a table an hour too early as I was still on Central European Time. In order to kill time, I walked over to The Rivoli Bar at The Ritz to have a drink. 

I had a simple Bombay Sapphire gin and tonic. The waiter was very kind and funny. 

Finally I met with my friend S who I know from my student days. We had dinner at Novikov, the Italian restaurant (there is also an Asian restaurant on the ground floor). 

I had somewhat high expectations regarding the prawns I had ordered. But I when I saw the portion, I thought that they were overpriced (53 GBP / 64 EUR / 70 USD).

Overall the food and the wine were good. 

At the end though, I refused to pay the 'optional charge' of 13 percent. As said before, I found the food overpriced, the service was lacking at times (they took quite a while to take our order, removed knives and plates when we still weren't done) and I found the three happy birthday interruptions for neighbouring tables tiring. I will probably not eat there again. 

S and I went to Chinatown for dessert. 

I tried a caramel mousse cuppacha. It was alright but not entirely my taste. I'm very hard to please these days it seems. 



  1. Hello Anouk! London is always great to visit, wish I went there too soon. The restaurant where u have been seems little disappointing, the portion is really little indeed lol! Enjoy ur Sunday, kisses! xo

  2. Lovely photos, it's so hot here in the UK at the moment isn't it! Have a lovely rest of your trip. Gemma x

  3. Siffat Haider24.7.16

    These pictures make me miss London so much. Have the most fun!

  4. Very envious you're in London right now! Have fun!

    Jane / deluminators

  5. You captured your stroll around London so nicely. Love the photos!

    Fariha | blog.farihawajid.com

  6. Love how you edit the pictures, a lovely way to capture London! Xx


  7. I've never visited London during the summer but I've hear it can get quite hot. I can't imagine anyone would pay the optional charge considering the food was overpriced and the service was lacking.

  8. London is a really beautiful city ♥ I would like to go there once ♡ ◠‿◠

    ♡ * Jewellery display * ♡

  9. Looks and sounds like you're having a great time so far!

  10. Pamela RG25.7.16

    Lucky you to be in London. I enjoy being in London too. I would refuse to pay the 13% charge too. Enjoy your weekend there.

  11. Aurè25.7.16

    goodmorning!...nice photos...especially the_MG_3442.jpg feat the glass of wine...it seems to see in the glass a black top and a super charming,breathtaking decoletteè...I'm wondering,did you wear a black top? is it Yours that stunning decolettèè?...cheers!

  12. Love this post! I'm moving to London in a month and this made me get into the mood :)
    Ellen x

  13. Love your photos! I was in London last month and had a blast exploring with my best friend =o)


  14. How lucky that you can pop over to London for the weekend! It looks like a nice time and what a fancy restaurant. I can't believe those prawns cost that much!!! Insane!


    Love, Mary

  15. Lol, 64 EUR for this portion of prawns is not only overpriced, but also funny. I understand why you wouldn't eat there again.

  16. I've never been to London and this is why I always enjoy to read your travel posts and see the wonderful photos to discover different parts of the world through your eyes :)

  17. Oh man, I've been wondering what the atmosphere is like over there after that disastrous vote of theirs! I just don't understand why? But then again, theres so much why happening all over the world these days.


  18. kenza dwn30.7.16

    Seems great ! I'll be moving out there for half a month really soon I'm excited to discover the city again !!

  19. Yvette1.8.16

    Your post is amazing. You also have the knack for taking pictures. Every pic tells us a story and it is as if we are there in London as well.


  20. I love the vintage style of your pictures! I love London :)



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