Take five XLVI | Organic body care

Recently I have been trying out several organic body care products. Isabelle who I had met during the Antwerp Press Days, kindly sent me samples of her All Day Dreamer day cream. I used the cream as a moisturiser before applying my daily make up. It has a very pleasant smell and it is easily absorbed by the skin, leaving it moisturised in a clean, non-greasy way. Check out her 100 percent natural products range here.

I was curious to try Lavera's organic toothpaste and their face wash. I wasn't too impressed by the toothpaste as the paste quickly dissipates when it comes in contact with water. The face wash, on the other hand, is a great product as it has a nice smell and leaves my skin refreshed and clean. 

I discovered this mostly vegan cuticle cream by Sparitual in the US when I went for a manicure. As the skin around my nails is very dry, the manicurist recommended this cream for me. She also said that I need to be careful not to clip away live skin (which I've been guilty of), only the very dry and dead parts as this is the reason for the increased dryness and hardening of the skin surrounding the nails. 

Finally, I have started using this organic shower gel by Sante Naturkosmetik. Most shower gels cause allergic reactions to my skin in the form of dryness and itchiness. In this case, I haven't noticed any of this and I'm very happy to have found this fresh product. 



  1. thefashionfolks6/11/2016 2:17 pm

    Lovely with organic body care! Currently looking for organic toothpaste too, too bad the Lavera wasn't good! Xx


  2. Stephanie Williams6/12/2016 5:24 am

    Any luck with more natural nail polishes? Their just so hard to find and I love my OPI and Chanel shades but any chance to be more friendly to the body is worth a try. Natural products are always a plus :)

  3. looks great! thanks for sharing!

    Have a wonderful week, dear!

    Animated Confessions

  4. I have the same problem (and bad habits) with the skin around my nails. I'll have to look into this brand (or hand creams in general, targeting those areas!)


  5. Great products. I can see that you moved to more organic and vegan products. The opi shade is exactly the one I'd buy.


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