Minett Park & Train 1900 | Fond-de-Gras, Luxembourg

Today I am taking you to Minett Park, an industrial, natural and railway park in the south of Luxembourg. A visit to this open air museum feels like travelling back in time to the days when this site served the iron and steel industry at then end of the 19th century until the second half of the 20th century.

I started the journey in Petange, where I caught the Train 1900. Depending on the departure time, you will either travel with the steam locomotive (as I did) or with the "autorail" to Fond-de-Gras. It is important to notice that the ticket office, as well as the platform, are not located at Petange's main train station. As these are special trains, they run on separate tracks but within proximity from the main station.

You can choose between first and second class rides. I picked first class as the seats looked more comfortable. Mind you, the journey to Fond-de-Gras takes only 20 minutes. 

Once you get to Fond-de-Gras, you may either have a look at the exhibitions or continue the journey towards Lasauvage, another village. 

I hopped on the train above and travelled to Lasauvage. 

I had purchase another ticket, which included a visit to a mine. 

Once I arrived in Lasauvage, I could have taken another train towards Saulnes in France but I decided not to go further and to visit the mine instead by getting on the grey train.  

We drove into the mine and mid-way we stopped and got off. I could tell that the guides were really passionate about the history of the mines. They described how 'galleries' were opened up; they were laid out in a manner that ressembled the skeleton of a fish. 

We looked at the original material that was used to extract iron, from manual drilling tools to machines that were used later on. 

As we were leaving the mine, I got to purchase spirits that matched the theme. 

From the mine I headed back to Fond-de-Gras and had a look at the power plant museum. 

Then it was time to take the autorail and return to Petange, from where I had started the journey. 

It was really nice to spend a sunny day out, riding different antique trains and learn about metallurgy in Luxembourg, which has played a major role in the country's prosperous economic past. 

Minett Park is open every Sunday May through September, including bank holidays (but not on National Day, 23 June) and specific Thursdays in July and August. All year long special events also take place. Check www.minettpark.lu if you plan a visit.


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  1. What a cool place, I love the vintage train

  2. Beauty Follower9.6.16

    Wonderful photos!


  3. Wow how fun! Lovely pics

  4. This is so cool! I love how you get to travel there in an actual old fashioned train.

    Jane / deluminators

  5. I wish the trains and transport overall was so amazing, beautiful and sophisticated nowadays. These trains are so beautifuly decorated and seem to be very powerful x
    Yukova by Yuliya Oleynykova

  6. It looks like you've got back in time.Very special place and museum!

  7. Wow looks like a pretty cool place! Gemma x

  8. What a cool spot- thanks for sharing these photos, lady!

    Le Stylo Rouge

  9. Denise9.6.16

    That was such a cool time to spend the day! Steam locomotives are super beautiful and the places you went were so nice, with the tools of a mine, the beautiful first class seats and the views - plus the spirits! So far, this was the trip I most liked here, so picturesque and like going back in time!

  10. I have a friend who is a train enthusiast that would just love this place. Thanks for sharing. I'm sending him a link to this post!

  11. Wow... Must be awe-inspiring to be there!

    Jule Avenue

  12. It must have been very interesting travelling back in time with those trains. I'd love to catch the steam locomotive as well.

  13. Ooh I love vintage trains, we have one called The Bluebell which is great fun to go on. Did you get any shots of you on the train?

  14. Stella Asteria10.6.16

    Amazing post and photos! Minett park looks really worthy visiting! Thank you for sharing and have great weekend!
    Kisses from Mykonos!

  15. Wow, this is just amazing! Just too cool!


  16. I can appreciate why it'd feel as though you'd travelled back in time - what a great experience!


  17. Looks interesting! ♡ ʕ•́ᴥ•̀ʔっ I would like to go there for sure because I´m really interested in visiting places like this ♥

    ♡ Missha Pure Source & Holika Holika Pig nose 3-step Kit ♡

  18. Jane Fitfabfun10.6.16

    Wow! This looks amazing!
    xo, Jane

  19. I love trains, I still remember taking train rides with my parents on the way to my nan's house. Thanks for sharing, and the tips on the ticket --- I'd probably choose first as well since the seats look luxe and comfy. <3

  20. These photos have such a vintage vibe, I love it! Thanks for sharing dear xx


  21. Pamela RG11.6.16

    So much train history here. It must be a fun visit.

  22. Very cool! I'd love to travel on a train like that someday..


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