V Palm Springs Hotel

Here is where I stayed during my weekend trip to Palm Springs: V Palm Springs Hotel. Until I got there, I had no idea that the hotel only opened two months before. After seeing the room and the facilities, I could tell that everything was brand new and shiny. 

This is the reception area of the hotel. 

This is what the lobby looked like. Apparently it is still work in progress and has not reached its final stage yet. 

From the lobby you can see the pool area and the outside of some of the rooms. 

This was my room. I had a pool view and this cute chair hanging outside. 

The bed was one of the most comfortable beds that I have ever slept in. On the night stand you can see a small black box; it's a bluetooth speaker. 

There was a fridge but no mini bar. 

I really liked the stylish and tasteful design of the room. 

The bathroom was really huge. There are single hotel rooms in London that are the same size. 

I liked the fluffy towels that were provided. Also, bathrobes were available in the wardrobe. 

They have the same toiletries at the Morgans Hotel Group hotels. 

I'm not a beach / lying by the pool kind of person but this time I forced myself to take advantage of this option nevertheless. 

I guess that these bikes can be rented. 

Breakfast was not included and I don't think that there is a restaurant at the hotel. There are, however plenty of restaurants in the area and reception offered to help me if I had any questions. Check in was quite late, at 4 pm and check out was at noon. I would say that staying there for one night is quite short, two nights, as I did, is more ideal. 

333 E Palm Canyon Drive
Palm Springs, CA 92264



  1. Violette25.5.16

    This hotel looks really nice!


  2. I lobe the design and furniture. Not sure about the skull above the bed though. Looks cool but sleep under. I get creeped out to easily.

  3. What a chic hotel, I really want to go there

  4. Its really lovely and cosy, I like the stylish design too, your room was amazing! And what a view from the pool! xo

  5. This hotel looks really cute and stylish. I love staying at places that are still new.

  6. The bed is so inviting!!


  7. Faye Fearon25.5.16

    Gorgeous post; your photos are beautiful!

    Faye .x

    New Blog Post - The Vogue 100 Festival: http://www.fayeisabella.co.uk/2016/05/the-vogue-100-festival.html

  8. Rajwant Kaur Singh25.5.16

    Your blog is amazing and this hotel looks like a dream
    The interior is beautiful and that hanging chair!
    Gorgeous shots, thanks for sharing

    What Raj Wants

  9. What a stylish location - so unusual in design and how nice you enjoyed a stay there just two months after it had opened! The pool area is massively appealing, especially the golden swan haha ;)

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice | Twitter | Instagram x

  10. Fantastic attention for details in this hotel in Palm Springs. Great room!

  11. The hotel sounds and looks very nice. I'd love to sleep on a bed like this one! I'd have spent the whole day by the pool I guess.

  12. How beautiful is this place! I was going to say I never came across such a gorgeous place when we went. I won't even tell you where we stayed because it was embarrassing (though rather nice for the chain). I love the room, that bed is everything, the bedhead is just gorgeous and so is that chair. I'd be tempted to steal it!


  13. Looks like a cool hotel! I like the design/style of it and that gold inflatable swan :D


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