Palm Springs

My weekend in Palm Springs was way too short. As I spent most of Saturday getting to / from / at Joshua Tree National Park, I only got to Palm Springs in the evening. By that time I was tired and went to sleep. Here are a few snapshots that I managed to take during my stay. The photo above is the street view outside the hotel I was staying at. I will do a hotel review in a separate post.

Lunch at Elmer's. A very casual restaurant that offers breakfast, lunch and dinner at affordable prices. The service is very efficient and I liked the fact that you can just walk in there in your shorts and flip flops and no one cares. 

1030 E Palm Canyon Drive
Palm Springs, CA 92264

After one week abroad, the time had come to do laundry. I think the last time I did any myself was in New York in 2013... I must sound like a brat. I had to get coins for the machines. As I only had a USD 20 bill, the machine gave me 80(!) 25 cent coins. It sounded as if I had won the jackpot at a casino, except that I hadn't. Doh!

I got a pedicure at Studio M Salon and Spa. I rarely make the time to get my nails done in Luxembourg, so when I'm travelling, it's a nice treat. They could only do the feet as they were about to close. I got the luxury treatment, which included lower leg massage and exfoliation. And I love these chairs that give you a back massage during your session. So I went back the following day, to do the hands as well. 

2465 E Palm Canyon Drive #1025
Palm Springs, CA 92264

I had these shrimp tacos with fries and vegetables at Fisherman's Market & Grill. I liked the efficient way of ordering: they assign you a table but you walk straight up to the counter where you order your meal and drinks. Then you pay, sit at your table and five minutes later your food arrives. 

The food itself didn't taste that nice though. They had many other interesting options on the menu, so I wouldn't entirely write this place off and maybe return one day. 

235 S Indian Canyon Drive
Palm Springs, CA 92262

I had this ice cream at Brandini Toffee. They are specialised in, as the name suggests it, toffee and you can get one type of ice cream. The ice cream is 'naked' when they take it out of the freezer. Then they dip it in liquid chocolate, let it solidify and as a final touch, they sprinkle it with toffee. It was very good but it was quite heavy and it took some skill to eat it without creating a mess. 

132 S Palm Canyon Drive
Palm Springs, CA 92262

Here I was back at Elmer's for a protein breakfast: vegetarian omelette with fruit. The fruit could have been substituted by more unhealthy options, this is why I created this perhaps odd combination. 

I passed Bombay Beach on my way to Salvation Mountain. I will dedicate an entire separate post to that visit. 

I hadn't been to Denny's for years. I love their skillets and this time I had a fit fare veggie skillet. 

63690 20th Avenue
North Palm Springs, CA 92258

Hope you enjoyed these snapshots. Check out my next post if you want to see the hotel that I stayed at. 



  1. Yum I kind of love Dennys!!

  2. Palm Springs looks lovely- I'm looking forward to your post about that lovely beach

    Rachel xx

  3. Yulia24.5.16

    So beautiful and relaxed!

  4. Trang Do24.5.16

    Looks so delicious!! Amazing photos!!

    Love from www.trangscorner.com {a lifestyle, fashion, beauty, and food blog}

  5. Going to pedi during a vacation sounds really nice, and I should try it too. The Mombay beach must be a heaven. Looking forward to seeing the photos from it!

  6. thanks dear for this interesting photo ..this is so cute

  7. I'm wondering what happened to the rest of the quarters you got from the machine? 80 25 cent coints must've been a handful to carry, haha. Palm Springs looks lovely, Anouk!


  8. Edita Lozovska24.5.16

    Looove the vibe of these pics! Adore it, A!

  9. stylentonic Constantinos24.5.16

    so fresh! xxx


  10. Palm Springs looks so pretty- and the food looks amazing!

    Le Stylo Rouge

  11. Sounds like you crammed in a lot in your short stay and I love the colour of your pedicure!

  12. Dominique24.5.16

    Oh my goodness that ice cream sounds divine! Definitely a full trip, love all the snaps! xx


  13. Getting manicure and pedicure in the US is actually really convenient (and relatively inexpensive on the west coast versus east coast). I see it as a treat also as most of the time my toes are just hiding under shoes and socks. I like the colour you picked for your toes, a Tiffany blue/green hue! <3 You know something funny about Joshua Tree. I always thought it is actually a famous tree LOL silly me :)

  14. It's too bad the shrimp tacos and fries weren't that great. The restaurant's ordering system does sound efficient. I wish more places in NYC would do that.

  15. Sybil25.5.16

    all the food looks good, dear!!! I've been following your IG snaps and your california adventures have been amazingly documented!!! :D

    Have a great day!

    Animated Confessions

  16. Palm Springs is such a fun place to visit! And always so nice to treat yourself with a pedicure =o)


  17. Seems like a great time! I like the colour you chose for your pedicure, and the ice cream looks so good! It does seem like it'll get pretty messy though lol

  18. Monica25.5.16

    Such a beautiful place and the food looks so good. Love the colour of your pedicure:)

  19. Oooh you should have tried Cheeky's! They have the best food but I'd say there'd be a massive wait. We had to wait over an hour for a table and it wasn't even "peak season". Also I have no idea where along that "beach" we stopped at, it wasn't Bombay. I think it was closer to Salvation Mountain way than down towards Palm Springs but it was eery with so many dead fish carcasses and one or two caravans parked further up on the road.



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