L(OVE) A(RT) diary: Days 2 & 3 | Los Angeles

Time for a little LA update. Days two and three have gone by so quickly! After my failed attempt to secure a ticket for the Infinity Mirrored Room at The Broad, I headed back the next day to try my luck again. 

I got there shortly before museum opening and there was already a huge queue outside. 

I went to MOCA (Museum of Contemporary Art) first as there was almost no queueing. 

After my visit, it was lunch time and I tried Lemonade, right next to the museum. The food was okay - maybe slightly overpriced for what it was. I had two sides and a piece of salmon. I had to try, of course, their lemonade. I picked the 'old-fashioned' one. 

After lunch I walked over to The Broad and, like the day before, joined the queue to enter. I was waiting for one hour and a half until a guy appeared and offered me a spare timed ticket. This probably saved me about twenty minutes additional waiting. 

Once I was inside, I immediately registered for a timed ticket for the Infinity Mirrored Room. I had to wait another one hour and a half as there were 156 people queueing ahead of me. Each person gets 45 seconds inside the room (plus the time to enter and exit). So at the end I had been queueing for 3 HOURS to experience 45 SECONDS in the Infinity Mirrored Room. I know it's crazy. 

At some point I ran into the guy who had given me the spare timed ticket and we had a small chat. He told me that I should go to The Cove in Malibu, a restaurant at the beach where you can relax and spot celebrities. I will check it out. 

Anyway, eventually I made it into the room and instead of enjoying the moment, I was taking photo after photo, trying to get a sharp one at the brightest light (the brightness varies second after second). It was quite impressive, also because you get to be inside alone but yeah, 45 seconds go by so fast. A museum employee waits outside the room with a stop watch and gets you out once your time is up. 

After this crazy mission, I headed to the other MOCA location (The Geffen Contemporary). On the way I tried this S'mores Frappuccino. It was very good!

The current exhibition was Don't Look Back: The 1990s at MOCA

The exhibition contained artworks from the 1990s that revolved around themes that were relevant during the decade. 

The Geffen Contemporary is right next to Little Tokyo. I went for a stroll around there but I didn't feel like staying for dinner. I found that compared to the previous times I had been there, the area had become a bit dodgy and somewhat run down. 

In the evening I went to The Orpheum to see Ben Folds and yMusic. 

The inside of the almost one hundred-year-old theatre was quite impressive. 

The concert was good but I didn't know most of the songs as I mainly know Ben Folds Five songs. One of the highlights of the night was the surprise appearance by Kesha. The audience loved it!

The following day I went back Whole Foods for breakfast. Mind you, I had resisted from going there all day during the previous day, so a return was more than justified. I have also decided that I will have breakfast there every day until the end of my stay. I would never had thought that I would love to eat kale, egg whites and hummous for breakfast but there you go. 

I have noticed that Whole Foods serve different kinds of foods throughout the day. During the morning it's more breakfast-oriented, whereas at around 10 am, they change to lunch and dinner food. Just sayin'.

As if I hadn't had enough art during the first two days, day three was also going to be spent at a museum. This time I went to LACMA (Los Angeles County Museum of Art), where I had already been in February. At that time, I had arrived late and could only see a small part of the exhibits. This time, I was able to explore everything on show. The was one thing that I couldn't see: the Rain Room, which similar to the Infinity Mirrored Room at The Broad needs a separate timed ticket. Well, in this case, I am not going to return to see it. 

I saw a very inspiring special exhibition though: Robert Mapplethorpe: The Perfect Medium. He was a multi-faceted artist, although he is mainly known for his photography. 

The exhibition contained a lot of male nudity and explicit photos but that was not the only theme that the artist explored. I didn't know that Robert Mapplethorpe was very close to Patti Smith and that they lived together for a while. Sadly he passed away at a young age. 

After almost four hours at LACMA, I had a vanilla bean soy milkshake for lunch. I decided that two days and a half of art were enough and it was time to do some shopping in Santa Monica. 

I love Santa Monica Place. It's an open-air shopping mall very close to the beach. 

This was my early dinner: a big bento box. It was not as good as the one I had at Katsuya two days before. 

I did some minor shopping for my work wardrobe: I got a shirt at Uniqlo and a skirt and a pair of trousers at Banana Republic. 

Until now I have been taking photos the lazy way, with my iPhone, but I don't like the quality. It clearly is more convenient to carry just one device but the result makes me cringe. I will make an effort and shoot with my mirrorless Sony camera. Hopefully my pics will turn out better then. 



  1. MOCA sounds great - but wow, 3 hours for 45 seconds in there! I really loved LACMA when I went. I've got to try Whole Foods next time I'm in the US now!

    Jane / deluminators

  2. Lovely pictures :) i went to the Infinity Room a couple of months ago in Nancy and loved it. As there weren't a lot of people (no ques or waiting at all), I went a couple of times and stayed for some time. It was amazing!

  3. Such gorgeous photographs! The bento box looks absolutely delicious :)
    - Ambar x

  4. Oh my crazy mission indeed but at least you did it lol! And I think must be so insane being inside, I feel in awe looking at the photo! Happy Weekend Anouk! xo

  5. Los Angeles is a dream! Beautiful reportage, love your travel stories! *_*

  6. Corie Bratter20.5.16

    I think the quality of the pictures is great! You are having a very interesting and alternative vacations! Looking forward to discover more!


  7. Wow! That Infinity Mirrored Room looks so impressive, but 3h in a queue for 45sec sounds crazy indeed! The photo turned out great though. Your stay in LA sounds like fun so far. Love the photos of the palm trees!

  8. Looks like you've been enjoying a nice time in LA. Oh my the Infinity Mirrored Room does look spectacular but that long wait is crazy for just 45 seconds in there. At least you get to have it to yourself.

  9. Very lovely travel diary, aside from the long queue it sounds like it was worth it. I remember seeing Ben Folds, it looks like this was a great time. Love all of the photos that you took. <3
    Style Favourites

  10. This is such a great update. My question is, was that mirror room worth the 3 hour wait? I guess at the end of the day it's about the memory and the experience that count :)
    I always like to go to Wholefoods when I don't know what to eat. However I have never had breakfast there. I always see they have a salad bar and soup choice but what did you eat for breakfast there?

  11. Beautiful travel diary!
    Amazing images and yummy snacks!
    Have a wonderful weekend dear!


  12. Yes, it was worth the wait and I'm happy that I followed it through.

    My breakfast is shown on the pic! ;)

  13. Isn't it amazing that we were standing in the same room but on different continents?

  14. Great time in a beautiful city. I love the images.


  15. Seems like there's a lot of art to see in LA.
    Wow that's crazy you had to wait so long to only get such a short amount of time in the mirrored room (I thought our wait for the Blue Grotto compared to the time we were in there was bad hahah)
    That guy in your photo of The Orpheum looks like he was smiling for your photo lol.

  16. Blue Grotto was nothing compared to this! :D Yes, I thought the same thing about the smiling guy. I only realised it when I was processing the pic but not the moment it happened.

  17. 45 seconds! I wonder if anyone rebels against this and refuses to budge to the point they have to get dragged out! It's such a long wait for a small amount of viewing time but what a piece that is. I love your photo, it turned out beautifully. I wouldn't know what to do with myself with such a small time frame. I'd probably panic, setting the first half to capture an image then the rest to properly experience it, but of course I'd fumble and take blurry shots and before you know it, time is up.

  18. Great pictures, the food look so yummy :)


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