It's gonna be fine | Los Angeles

I wanted to go to Baldwin Hills as I had read about them being worth a visit. I ended up at Kenneth Hahn State Recreation Area instead. It turned out that there was a 2 mile hike that one could go on. I spontaneously decided to do it. 

The way was at times a bit steep and uneven but luckily I was wearing trainers. 

What at first seemed a dull walk, soon turned out to be quite exciting as the higher I went up, the more amazing the view became. 

From the highest point I could see the sea, Century City, The Hills and the Hollywood sign, as well as Downtown LA. 

What I like about the view above, are the different horizontal layers. 

As I was walking the path, I thought of it as a metaphor for life. Even though I hadn't been on this path before, I continued walking with the faith that eventually I would make it back to my car. The path was uneven, there were ups and downs along the way, some people I would pass would say 'hello', whereas others didn't. 

Sometimes the path would split but whichever way I took, I would fall back into the right direction. And it's the same with life. One day we are at the top, the next at the bottom, people come and go, but at the end of the day we are following the path that we are meant to be on. 

At some point I walked past a group of youngsters and I heard one say, 'It's gonna be fine'. I didn't know what he was referring to but it was just the perfect tagline to the thoughts I was having about life. 

After the hike, I found my way back to my car. I walked on to see the Japanese Garden, which is also part of the area. The red bridges were unfortunately closed off. 

I ran into a couple who warned me about a rattlesnake in the middle of the road. I would probably have walked right up to it because I did not expect it to be there. The snake quickly made its way into the bushes where it blended in and became invisible. 

The couple told me about the Baldwin Hills Scenic Overlook, what I had come for initially and they explained to me how to get there. 

You can hike all the way up, like the motivated people in the photo did but I drove up by car. This decision was justified by the fact that I had just been on a hike. 

The view from the top was similar to the one from Kenneth Hahn State Recreation Area, except that it was more clear as there were less trees blocking the view. The city is really huge; it's half the size of Luxembourg. 

After Baldwin Hills, I drove past this motel (I took the photo out of my car while queueing at the red lights). I saw this old lady with an adult walker. She was pushing it, stopped and then sat down. Her make up looked flawless. It made me sad to see this. But then again, getting old is the only way not to die young. 

Think of Amy Winehouse. 

I thought that the motel looked very similar to the one in her video 'Tears Dry On Their Own' (by the way, it's my favourite song of hers). So, while I was writing this post, I looked it up and I had remembered correctly indeed! It's the Grand Motel on 1479 S La Cienaga Boulevard. You can see it in the video below.



  1. Great post..sounds like you had a really nice thought-provoking hike/day. That's so cool you randomly came across the motel in the video!

  2. Oh, this has to be one of my favourite posts from you by far, Anouk. I love the blunt, quiet narrative of your entire hike, and I love the way these photos were edited. Even more so, I loved that you mentioned the metaphor of life you thought of while hiking; I found it extremely fitting and melancholy at the same.

    Were you hiking alone, by the way?


  3. Looks like the view was worth the hike! Pretty accurate epiphany you had up there too, I like it. So cool how you recognised the motel!

    Jane / deluminators

  4. Great photos my dear, thank you for showing real side of this city :-)


  5. Oh very wonderful pics darling!


  6. Siffat Haider22.5.16

    Sounds like an interesting experience, love the honest narrative of your hike.

  7. Sounds like you had yourself a very enlightening hike. Sometimes just being alone with nature opens up our minds to what we don't usually see with the busy hustle and bustle of our daily lives.

  8. What a great view to be able to capture! It must've been a lovely experience.

    Stephanie | www.stephykeung.com

  9. This is such a worthwhile hike! What a view and what a town! I attempted a hike with my cousin (sidenote he is freakishly tall, like basketballer tall with excessive limbs and I am short) somewhere in West Hollywood. There wasn't any parking so we drove out to one of the streets two blocks away. By the time we got to the start of the trial I was already out of breath trying to keep up with him bahahaha! All I remember is my legs on fire (I didn't have proper trainers on, just my adidas kicks), my face feeling hot (and probably looking like a tomato) and being so out of breath and this damn trail was steep as anything, it was relentless no flat surfaces nothing, just going up and up. It was packed with people, BEAUTIFUL people no less and there I was puffing away looking so unattractive! My cousin says we made it halfway, but I think he was just being kind. The small glimpses of view I did catch were no where near as impressive as this location. I'll be attempting this one for sure.

  10. looks like you had a nice hike, looks pretty :) x

  11. I know what you're saying; you see so many beautiful and fit people here! Every time I go back home, I promise myself that I need to workout more!

    By the way, I just walked past Lisa Vanderpump's star in Palm Springs. I thought of you, as you are one of the few people who I can discuss real housewives with (no one in Lux watches that show) :)

  12. Love this post! I like the way you see signs in everyday things, I feel the same way. I love the pictures too, I feel like they show a different side of LA. The view is really amazing from where you were.

    Aurelie | www.surface85.com

  13. How cool that you happened to be at the motel from Amy's video! I am not a big fan of hikes, but sometimes nature helps us get our thoughts together. I think that the moment with the guy saying 'It's gonna be fine' is not a coincidence, and I believe everything in life happens for a reason.


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