Dinner at Paradise Cove Beach Cafe | Malibu

Following a recommendation, I visited Paradise Cove, a café-restaurant with a private beach, in Malibu. Movies and TV shows have been filmed here. 

I went on Tuesday and there weren't many people there. I was lucky to get a table at the window with a view of the beach and the Pacific Ocean. I could have sat outside as well but as it was a bit chilly, the waitress recommended that I stay inside. 

The menu was quite large; there are so many things to choose from. I settled for the shrimps with rice. The rice and the sauce tasted very much like 'home', the taste was similar to what I knew from restaurants in Luxembourg. 

The creamy spinach was a side dish but could have been a main dish by itself. It was huge but very good. 

The service was good. I was a bit surprised that it took them longer to make my mojito than the main course but other than that, everything was fine. 

Here are some photos that I took outside. I didn't venture onto the beach as I don't like to get sand in my shoes. Why go have dinner at the beach you might ask. Yeah, it makes no sense but I'm very fussy about sand. 

Go visit Paradise Cove if you have the chance. Although I had picked a quiet night, I believe that the place can be busy and it would be best to make a reservation before. If you are staying in LA, you don't want to drive out 45 minutes and then be told that there are no more tables available.

You can also just visit the beach and not eat at the restaurant but then the parking fee will be $35 ($50 on weekends). The same applies if you eat at the restaurant and stay longer than four hours. The only way to get a reduced rate is to eat at the restaurant (but for at least $30) and stay less than four hours. The rates are explained here

28128 Pacific Coast Highway
Malibu, CA 90265

Here I stopped along PCH (Pacific Coast Highway) to take a photo of the sunset. It's one of my favourite routes because when you drive through Malibu, on the one side you have the Pacific Ocean and the on the other the fantastic houses that are built in the hills. A very special experience - if you've been there, you know what I mean. 



  1. I think I remember walking right pas this cafe in Mailbu, it looks so lovely

  2. martynaaleksandra30.5.16

    Oh Anouk, you're killing me with those beautiful pictures! Your photography has improved so much! x

  3. Haha, I never learn when it comes to sand. I always play in it, get it in my shoes, my clothes, my hair and then regret it later :)

  4. Beauty Follower30.5.16

    Delicious photos!


  5. Paradise Cove looks lovely, and the shrimps with rice sound very tasty. I'd really like to visit Malibu!

  6. How beautiful! And the food looks so delish indeed. Love the pic of the sunset, very romantic. Enjoy your week Anouk! xo

  7. What a beautiful setting. We're aiming to do the PCH in a few years time as a roadtrip.

  8. Wow looks perfect! I can imagine on a sunny day and sitting outside even better. Gemma x

  9. Sun Zibar30.5.16

    Deng Fotoen sinn wéi emmer de WAHNSINNNNNNNNN <3

  10. What is this thing with the rates? I wouldn't visit this beach only for their 'rules'. Unfortunately, it looks quite inviting, so yes, if I have the chance, I'd definitely go visit it. The 1st photo is my favourite!

  11. Pamela RG30.5.16

    The food looks delicious. I like Malibu. It's. A beautiful place to hang out and not so far from L.A.

  12. Is it wrong that I enjoy the food photos a lot and make mental notes, what I want to eat too?

  13. I always feel like nice views can really enhance a dining experience and it sounds like you get both good food and good views at Paradise Cove. I think The OC has filmed there :)

  14. A restaurant with a private beach? Count me in! I'm not surprised it has been used as a filming location, it looks so fresh and open there :)

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice | Twitter | Instagram x

  15. The photos are truly incredible, but the food.. Mouthwatering! So hungry now x

    VanessaVonJames | Fashion Blog

  16. Glad that you had such a fantastic time in California. Hope the trip back home was all smooth and you are not suffering from jetlag too much.

  17. The spinach side dish looks yummy too.
    Thanks for the amazing pictures!!


  18. Yum! The shrimp and rice look so delicious! Looks like a great place to spend an evening by the beach =o)


  19. gorgeous photos! the food looks sooo good!!


  20. Mary1.6.16

    I'm so glad you liked this place. I went there for breakfast, but I was much more impressed with the gorgeous setting! Seems like you had a good experience though.


    Love, Mary

  21. Wow what a rip off! Bahahaha! LA and parking was the bane of my existence, that and traffic. I can't believe they can charge $50 for parking, or free only if you spend more than $30. That's insane. Easy if you've got a party but if you're solo, what a nuisance. I love the PCH. I wish I could have spent more time on it though.


  22. No, there's nothing for free. If you spend more than $30, you only pay $6 :D

  23. The food looks delicious. Looks like a nice place for a meal!


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