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I am back in LA and I couldn't be happier! As you know, I was already here in February and now that I had to pick another holiday destination, I decided to come back to my favourite US city. Yes, LA has become what used to be my New York and my Paris. London is still my London though. 

On my first morning, I headed straight to Whole Foods for breakfast. I usually go to the one near The Grove. The choice of food is just so amazing. My selection above was all vegetarian. I have also started ordering coffees with soy milk whenever the option is available. 

I had to get a pair of shoes resoled, so I took them to a repair at Farmers Market. While I was there, I walked around The Grove. It was 10 am but very quiet. Most shops hadn't opened yet. 

I then decided to head to the Grammy Museum, which is next to the Staples Center. The museum was great fun; really worth a visit for music lovers. There were lots of interactive stands and booths and it was nice to relive Grammy performances, acceptance speeches and see all kinds of music memorabilia. Unfortunately the exhibition Bob Dylan: Photographs by Daniel Kramer had just finished two days before, so I had just missed it. 

Downtown is not really my favourite part of LA but I wandered around a bit and found it slightly more appealing than I used to. 

By chance I walked by the Orpheum, where I am going to see Ben Folds live on Wednesday evening. 

Around lunch time I headed back to LA Live to have lunch at Katsuya, a Japanese restaurant, co-created by Philippe Starck.

The food was excellent and the service was great too. I picked the salmon bento box which came with miso soup, salad, rice, vegetable tempura, salmon, and maki rolls.

L.A. Live
800 W. Olympic Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90015
United States of America

Next, I was going to visit MOCA but it was closed. Across the road, there was a long queue at the recently opened (September 2015) The Broad museum. Despite the queue, I decided to have a look. 

The building itself is impressive and so is the modern art collection. Some pieces I had already seen in other places but until then I had no idea that they were part of The Broad collection. 

The Broad collection contains about 2,000 works and one is added every week.

While I was at The Broad, I couldn't secure a timed ticket to see the Infinity Mirrored Room. When I'm back in the area to visit MOCA, I will see if I can get an entry then. There is a Cindy Sherman exhibition coming up at The Broad in June. Unfortunately I will miss it.

In the evening I went back to Whole Foods for dinner. I will probably end up there every single day during my stay! 



  1. Love the photos! Can't wait to read about all your upcoming adventures there. I really like the Jeff Koons sculptures. I love Whole Foods as well. I guess it's not that popular in Europe yet (pretty rare for us to have something I like alot that Europe doesn't yet lol)

  2. Love your photographs and the Broad Museum looks so interesting. Definitely worth returning to :)

  3. Trang Do18.5.16

    Food looks so delicious!!

    Love from www.trangscorner.com {a lifestyle, fashion, beauty, and food blog}

  4. Fantastic pictures my dear, LA is a nice holliday destination, thank you for this idea :-)


  5. Yulia18.5.16

    Interesting to read! Enjoy your time in LA!

    And Whole foods are definitely amazing - I am enjoying it in London while I can :)

  6. Back in LA! Ah haha when I was there I also tried to visit MOCA when it was closed. Have an amazing time!!

    Jane / deluminators

  7. Ah, you have no idea how must Id love to be there too! LA is my fave as well and my dream would be living there! Enjoy your time Anouk, I see there is lots of things to do, eat and see! xo

  8. It has been 15 years ago since I was last in Los Angeles and I wasn't a big fan of it. However in recent months I read more and more articles about it. It certainly has changed. I also read that the museum landscape is rapidly changing thanks to great architecture in the city. They seem to be right, judging from your photos.

  9. Must have been such a great time. And your photos look amazing!


  10. Siffat Haider18.5.16

    Can you believe I live in Toronto and have never gone to LA? I'm dying to visit!

  11. Edita Lozovska18.5.16

    Lovely snaps of LA - love it, as always :)

  12. You must! It's one of the most amazing places.

  13. Nice! Enjoy your return visit to LA! Now I want Japanese food for lunch :)

  14. Yes, there are great art museums: Getty Center, Getty Villa, LACMA, MOCA, and now The Broad. Exhibitions are changing regularly; so even though I was here in February, I can again revisit the museums because new stuff is on show.

  15. Thanks Jane! I will give MOCA another try this week :)

  16. Thanks Yulia. I love the Whole Foods near Piccadilly as well! :)

  17. So far I've only seen Whole Foods in Piccadilly. Wish we had one in Luxembourg but we've only recently had our first Starbucks, so you can see how slow we are in catching up.

  18. rakhshanda18.5.16

    Lovely clicks! LA is such a fabulous place <3


  19. Wow really..Starbucks is so common here lol. Well you've got lots of time to enjoy Whole Foods now in LA!

  20. thefashionfolks18.5.16

    Lovely pictures of LA, feels like you captured the vibe of the city! Xx


  21. Violette18.5.16

    I never been to LA but really have to plan to go there, it's looks amazing!


  22. Wow I would love to go there so badly! Looks amazing. Have a fab time. Gemma x

  23. Jane Fitfabfun18.5.16

    Super cool photos of L.A.! Enjoy your stay here!
    xo, Jane

  24. Lucky you! Love your pictures. Enjoy your stay in LA!


    I go to LA next week, I'm so excited and am thrilled about this blog post... will have to try some of these places out for myself

    Filipa xxx
    PlayingWithApparel.com | Instagram

  26. Diana Ashuayem19.5.16

    Oh my! Your photography skills is amazing! Enjoy your stay there!

  27. Ah I am so jealous! I feel like you were just there! I want to go to LA this summer. I haven't been there is 2009

  28. great photo

    new post

  29. The Broad collection looks so interesting. Great to hear you are having a good time in LA! Enjoy the rest of your stay!

  30. Have fun there! The photos are very nice as always!

  31. Sybil19.5.16

    loved the museum pictures!!! I'm heading to vegas as i type this!! :D

    Have a great day!

    Animated Confessions

  32. Your list of previous favourites all sound totally ideal - New York, Paris and LA! The Broad Museum looks incredible, for some reason I'm always attracted to unusually large instalments and never more so than when they're either very colourful, or metallic, haha. A wonderful travel diary, thanks for the daydream material :)

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice | Twitter | Instagram x

  33. Stephanie Williams19.5.16

    Always nice to get out in the mornings when it's quiet! Sounds like a fun time and the photos are perfect to show off LA.

  34. Pamela RG20.5.16

    Amazing photos of L.A. Enjoy your trip.

  35. Los Angles is such a great city to visit =o) And that salmon bento box looks delicious!


  36. Love this!! I've always wanted to visit L.A so definitely living vicariously through you!


  37. Corie Bratter20.5.16

    I really want to visit LA soon! This post is giving so much inspiration! The food looks amazing,

  38. Locally a man sprayed poison on products at whole foods. They maintained keeping produce fresh and non-toxic.
    My dad has a shop in Detroit and LA. He'd love that framed wood American flag.
    My brother is a musical genius, I'll have to suggest the museum to them. The art museum is just my type. Love the balloon animal statue!! Looks like you're having a wonderful time. Post if you come across the 34796446898 hula hoopers/flow artists!

  39. Enjoy your time in LV!

  40. kenza dwn22.5.16

    LA totaly stole my heart ! Can't wait to be back there as well ! :)
    Enjoy your trip.

    Kenza from http://travelwithkenza.blogspot.fr/

  41. Ahhh so jealous! BUT I am loving your Snapchatting SICK! Especially this morning (for me), waking up to Palm Spring. OMG swoon! I really wish I got to see LA better while I was there. I missed out on far too much, especially the Broad Museum. I really wanted to go there. And The Grove! I thought I'd found it just off Rodeo Drive, that little laneway with stores, I thought that was it bahahaha. I did feel very underwhelmed by it which all makes sense now!


  42. I love LA, I remember every time I go there I get so much fun, Great pictures with mouth watering food ;) x

  43. If you like it that much (as I do), you have to come back! It's not Rome but there are so many things to do. I'm going to Salvation Mountain tomorrow. Your post inspired me not to skip it this time!


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