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A few months ago I had the chance to attend a wine tasting with MONVIN.LU. At that time I received different wines to try at home. I thought that it would be fun to share them with my family and have a wine tasting at my parents' house. 

I bought various types of delicious cheeses and once everything was set up, we tasted one wine at a time. 

Reviewing from left to right: 

Tentations by Clos Cibonne 2014 | Provence

A pale, light and fresh white wine, which would go very well with seafood. The very first sip may seem acidic but this impression somehow disappears as you go along. Rating 7/10. 

Pastel by Domaine de La Réaltière 2014 | Provence

This rosé was the least favourite. It bubbles up in your mouth but then it doesn't leave any aftertaste. Rating 3/10. 

Vermentino by Domaine Saint Hilaire 2014 | Languedoc

More yellow-gold than Tentations, this was our favourite white wine. Crisp and fruity, it leaves a nice aftertaste. Rating 9/10. 

Les Béates Rouge 2012 by Domaine Les Béates | Provence

This opulent wine was our favourite red wine. It had a touch of red fruits to it and it was a delight to have it together with the strong flavoured cheeses. Rating 10/10. 

Cuvée des Quarante by Domaine du Grand Arc 2012 | Roussillon

Bitter and earthy were the descriptions that came to mind when we tried this red wine. We liked it but not as much as Les Béates Rouge 2012. Rating 8/10. 

I want to thank once more Pascal of MONVIN.LU for making my family and me discover these great quality wines. Visit his online store to see the amazing selection that he has in stock. 



  1. Violette28.4.16

    Looks so nice!! Hope you enjoyed!


  2. Wow high praise, except for the Rose. Honestly I am yet to try a Rose that's blown my mind (in a good way)


  3. I like to drink now and than wine together with my friends and I was just once at a wine tasting at a conference, that was quite special...exactly like the cheeses you showed us today :)

  4. trishiekoh28.4.16

    Those cheeses look really fancy and pretty!

  5. Doing a home wine tasting is such a good idea! I'm going to have to bring it up with my friends, haha.

    Jane / deluminators

  6. Yummy! Wine is my favorite! Such a cute idea to have a wine tasting night with friends


  7. Wine tasting is so fun! :) These shots are lovely.

    Le Stylo Rouge

  8. I love this idea! And I haven't heard of any of these wines. x

    Kate Louise Blogs

  9. That's really cool that you wer able to do this wine tasting at your parent's house. I want some cheese now :)

  10. Les Beates Rouges sounds like a great combination with cheese!

  11. Pamela RG30.4.16

    Wine and cheese, count me in. I liked the Provence wine when we tried it in the South of France. Rose is one of my favourite too.

  12. So nice of you to share the wine tasting with your family. I like drinking red wine in winter, and white wine in summer. I recently started drinking rose, but I haven't found my favourite bottle yet.


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