Spring 2016 - so far

If it wasn't for the longer days and the sprouting flowers, it would be hard to believe that we are already twelve days into spring. The weather has been moody, I haven't put away my winter clothes yet and the heater is still running. Sunny side up turns out to be down. While a little sweet treat can cheer me up, I have to remember that I have to motivate myself and make the best of these days, regardless. Have a great weekend and enjoy! 



  1. C'est vrai que le temps a été capricieux dernièrement et le changement d'heure m'a mis KO cette année, mais rien que le fait d'avoir de la lumière du jour en plus ça me fait du bien au moral. J'espère que tu vas passer un bon weekend, il doit faire bon aujourd'hui ;)

  2. Merci Yasmine. Oui, je pense aussi qu'aujourd'hui sera une journée claire, sans pluie. Un bon weekend à toi aussi!

  3. Same here. It is still cold and no blooms yet. But spring blooms will come soon.

  4. I'm seriously obsessed with your photography skills, this photos are so so good!


  5. Gorgeous shots! I hope the Spring comes for you soon

    Rachel xx

  6. flowers looks awesome, can't wait for proper spring

  7. Incredible photos & yummy food! ♡

    Happy Saturday! ~ Love from Slovakia ♥

    ♡ Yankee Candle ♡

  8. That food looks so good!


  9. Siffat Haider4/03/2016 3:33 am

    The weather in Toronto has been moody as well, it definitely doesn't feel like spring yet! On the bright side, your pictures are beautiful, that eclair looks delicious!

  10. In Russia we used to say that these sadness is cased by vitamin deficiency. :) But honestly, as long as it goes in the right direction, towards summer, it's all good, all temporary. Hope it all brightens up for you, Anouk. xxx

  11. I really hope that the weather got warmer in Lux! It's been oddly warm here these days, but I'm not complaining at all.

  12. We had a sunny Saturday. It was warm enough to just wear a jumper. I don't mind cold as long as it's not raining. But that's what we got yesterday. I guess the days of roll-neck aren't over yet. I hope we all get warmer days soon. PS. I'll start to learn to shoot RAW images. I haven't been in the loop and have only managed to shoot some photos when I visited my family again in Dubai. Hope you're well.

  13. Such gorgeous Spring photographs! Really do love these. I really can't wait for the warmer Summer sunshine, at the moment it's still a little chilly even though it's sunny on most days, the rain still likes to show its face in the UK!

    Great images and here's to more sunshine :)

    Laura xo


  14. It can be though to live so long in chillier temperatures. It has rained three or four times here, but we have already been graced with temperatures hitting 29C!!! The days are getting hotter and I fear this summer will be one of the hottest ones (possibly temperatures nearing 40C). Anyway I hope that the cold weather will not deter you from enjoying your days, Anouk!


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