Boat trip around Capri and to Positano | Italy

Yesterday, Tiffany and I went on a private boat trip with Gianni's Boat Tours all around Capri, followed by a stop in Positano on the mainland.

We were super lucky that it was a sunny day. We left the port of Capri at 10 am.

Visiting the Blue Grotto is one of the things to do. While we were close by, we decided to queue and visit. Sometimes I don't feel like doing things at a particular moment but I know that I would later regret it. The entrance to the grotto was tiny and we had to get off our boat into a much smaller one, in which we had to lie down as we went in. Once inside, we could sit up and admire the magic of the Blue Grotto. I suspected that there was a large light spot under the water but apparently it's all a natural effect.

After the short stop, we continued the tour around the island and passed the second largest lighthouse in Italy.

We stopped by the Green Grotto. Unlike the Blue one, there was no possibility to go inside and it was free.

The next main sight were the Faraglioni, three majestic rocks. We sailed through the arch of the middle one.

We briefly stopped at a spot where we could see the coral effect on these rocks.

We then headed from Capri to Positano. This journey took us an hour and a half.

The view reminded me a lot of Cinque Terre.

We got off the boat and stayed in Positano for an hour and a half. I had the packed lunch that was part of the boat trip package; it had been made by Gianni's mum. The aubergines with cheese were incredibly delicious.

I also liked the seasoned pasta.

The dessert was good but a bit too nutty for my taste.

There wasn't that much to see in Positano. There were tons of tourists (such as me) and all the shops and restaurants I saw were catering for tourists (such as me). It was nice to see once but if I ever do a tour of the Amalfi Coast, I will most likely skip it. 

Today I am off to visit Pompeii; I learned about it in history classes and it will be interesting to see the site for real. More in my next post.



  1. You were quick with this post! Really beautiful shots. Looking forward to Pompeii today!

  2. Violette22.4.16

    Beautiful pictures! Hope you had a great time!


  3. What an incredible experience. I wonder did they actually explain why it's illuminated that way? Surely science has explained it if there is indeed no light illuminating beneath! And that packed lunch looks delicious. I love that his mother made it. So much love.


  4. They didn't explain it but I looked it up on Wikipedia. There is a scientifc explanation for the light; the fact that the opening is very small and the light that gets in from there somehow reflects / connects with light coming from an opening under water and together they create the magic effect.

  5. Blue Grotto sounds like an amazing experience. I'd love to see it myself too. I am very fond of such boat trips. This one reminds me of mine to Paxos and Antipaxos islands in Greece 2 years ago. Are people already sunbathing there?

  6. Yes, some people were sunbathing but it was not that warm yet. I'm sure you would have enjoyed this as you like being in touch with nature.

  7. Aww, how amazing! You look so charming Anouk, what a dreamy experience! The photos are breathtaking. Enjoy Pompei, I went there when I was teen, was so shocking for me! xo

  8. These photos are absolutely amazing! The scenery is gorgeous + the food looks so delicious.

    xx www.qustomquinns.com/blog

  9. Edita Lozovska22.4.16

    loooove this - totally stalked this on snap :) Amazing photos as always :)


  10. Oh my GOSH, the Blue Grotto looks beyond beautiful - I love the sound of needing to lie down in the boats as you enter the grotto, how exciting! Beautiful photography in this post, by the way.


  11. We didn't have time to go to Capri so it was great to see your take on it. I hope you enjoy Pompeii, we visited Herculaneum but if I go back I'd definitely like to see it

  12. Looks like a nice little escapade! I love cruising in a boat and wouldn't mind being on it for the whole time it took you to get to Positano. Lovely photos as always, Anouk! Hope Pompeii was more fun ;)

  13. I think this trip of yours is one of my absolute favourite. Really enjoying the stories and looking forward to the Pompeii one. x

  14. Stefanie Meier22.4.16

    awesome photographs

    have a nice weekend love x

    Stefanie | Casualllyawkward | Bloglovin'

  15. All these photos are amazing! Love that photo of the lighthouse. Beautiful!

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  16. A tour by boat certainly seems like a really ideal way to enjoy the sights of Positano! Have fun in Pompeii!

  17. Beauty Follower23.4.16

    Amazing scenery!


  18. The blue grotto is a lovely sight! These photos look fantastic, absolutely gorgeous.

  19. Beautiful photography!! The scenery is gorgeous, mouth watering food :) x

  20. The photos are amazing!! Totally wanna travel now!!



  21. Pamela RG23.4.16

    Amazing views. I would love to visit one day. Ypur packed lunch looks delicious.

  22. Stella Asteria24.4.16

    What a magical place and views! I hope you had a great time! Kisses

  23. I've heard so much about Blue Grotto, but never saw it. I am sure it was special!

  24. This looks absolutely dreamy! I'm feeling major vacation envy right now! That blue grotto looks so beautiful!


    Love, Mary


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