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Saturday was the last full day that Tiffany and I had in Capri. As I had seen most of the sights on the eastern part of the island, it was the last chance to explore the west side, which is called Anacapri. The best way to reach Anacapri, was to catch one of the buses that left every 15 minutes. The buses were tiny and they let people squeeze in until there was no more space left. The journey itself took about ten minutes and the bus dropped us off in the centre of Anacapri.

Tiffany and I followed the main road where we saw the main attractions: our first stop was the Casa Rossa, the house of American colonel MacKowen. Inside we saw the Roman statues that were found in the Blue Grotto in 1964. 

Next we visited the Chiesa San Michele, whose main attraction was the huge majolica floor mosaic. 

It was possible to walk around the edges of the mosaic but the full picture was only really clear once you looked at it from above. 

For this we had to walk up this very narrow spiral staircase. 

After the visit to the church, we continued along the main road in Anacapri until we reached the end of the historic centre. 

We then turned around and walked back to the main square and walked towards Villa San Michele, another must-see in Anacapri.

The Villa San Michele had been built by a Swedish doctor, Axel Munthe. He had visited Capri as a youth and twenty years later, he returned to fulfill his dream and build his villa.

The views from Villa San Michele were stunning. As this is also the side of the island where you can see the sunsets, I could only imagine the beautiful evening scenes that one could view from up there.

After this visit, we decided to head back to Capri and to have dinner there. After having seen both parts of the island, it was very clear that Capri was the more happening place. We skipped one attraction: the chairlift that go up to the highest mountain of the island. It was quite cold and we thought that at the top it would be even colder. 

Impressed by the photos of Hollywood A-listers who had eaten there (displayed outside the restaurant), we thought that this must be a great place to eat. 

I went for a very basic but one of my favourite dishes: spaghetti with tomato sauce. As a side, I had spinach with butter and cheese. The red house wine and the food were great. I would really recommend La Capannina! 

Via le Botteghe 14
80073 Capri

After dinner Tiffany and I said goodbye to each other. I was leaving for Luxembourg early the next day and she was going to travel to Rome for the final part of her Europe trip. Follow her trip on www.leftbanked.com. I have the feeling that we'll see each other again soon. Either I'll visit her hometown Toronto or we'll go on another trip. Time will tell.



  1. Very nice! Although I'd prefer visiting the island during the summer, it looks like a great destination any time of the year. The stunning Mediterranean nature, the blue water, and the pasta are the things that would take me there! Glad to hear you enjoyed your trip!

  2. Capri has been on my bucketlist for a while, but this post makes me want to go even more!! Your photos are all so beautiful and it looks like a place with a lot of history too

    Rachel xx

  3. I love the fact that even your side dish is presented so elegantly! I'll definitely visit Capri if returning to the Amalfi Coast

  4. vanessa25.4.16

    so wonderful <3


  5. Oh woww, it must have been such an awesome place to just walk around. I would also like to build a villa there, haha.

    Jane / deluminators

  6. Mona Cristo25.4.16

    Ah, I love Capri. One of my favorite places.


  7. Oh wow it's so beautiful. What a wonderful post. Gemma x

  8. Amazing pictures!!! It's nice to travel with you through this post!


    Aurelie | http://www.surface85.com

  9. Anacapri was perfect as a last day visit. So quiet and relaxing strolling around there. When you wrote the Villa was where you can watch the sunsets I remember you also saying "one of the few things that Nico told us" Hahah
    Yes I am sure we will meet again soon!!

  10. The photos are spot on, so fun!



  11. Oh my that spiral staircase! And the views are TTDF!

  12. Gorgeous photos. Love Italy and hopefully I will visit it sometime soon.

  13. Denise25.4.16

    These pictures are gorgeous! Chiesa San Michele's mosaic floor is amazing, and yes, I do believe that from above even better! Villa San Michele is also fantastic, for the views and the dream that it represents! I am sure you will meet Tiffany soon, too! Hope you have a very lovely week!

  14. All of those tiles are so pretty!! What an amazing place and that food looks so good!!

  15. Pamela RG26.4.16

    It must be nice to own a Villa there with those amazing water views. You and Tiffany had quite an adventure.

  16. Jane Fitfabfun26.4.16

    Amazing photos! Love the rich textures!
    xo, Jane

  17. I love Italy, My dream is to visit there some day. Stunning pictures lovely :) x

  18. The detailing on the mosaic floor and the stairs are absolutely beautiful! Great photos!

    Connie | Sponsored by Coffee | Etsy

  19. Trang Do26.4.16

    Love these photos! So beautiful!

    Love from www.trangscorner.com {a lifestyle, fashion, beauty, and food blog}

  20. Impressive buildings, floor mosaic, gardens...and I could continue. It is a fantastic and very relaxing looking place! And by the way, I like the nail polish color you're wearing :))

  21. Gosh how beautiful is Anacapri! I don't think I've ever heard of this town, though some of your photos I feel like I recognize it. Either way it is so dreamy, definitely a must see!


  22. I wish I could live there... It's just perfect in every way. x

  23. Madalena Dantas9.5.16

    Wooow, this photos are amazing, it really seems like you had an amazing time!
    Have a lovely day,



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