Saturday in London

Hello from London! I am so excited to be back in my favourite city! The trip started with a wonderful surprise when I discovered that D, who attended the same secondary school as I, was the air hostess on my flight. She is the only Luxair air hostess that I know and I had never had the chance to fly with her, except yesterday. We are in touch via IG and FB but I hadn't seen her in real life for about four or five years. 

The pilot flew us in via the city center, another rare treat! On the photo above you can see Buckingham Palace and even a bit of Piccadilly Circus. 
After checking into my hotel on Tottenham Court Road / Warren Street, I met C, another Lux friend from secondary school. She is currently living in London and had always wanted to visit the neon lights museum God's Own Junkyard. We went all the way up to Walthamstow. 
Maybe some of you remember the boy band East 17. They were from Walthamstow. Funny side story, I was once on the same Luxair flight as them, flying from Luxembourg to London. One of them, John, looked at me and it totally made my day. 
Anyway, here are some views that caught my eye. 
God's Own Junkyard is not that easy to find. Even with Google maps, plus my London street finder book, we didn't find the place straight away. 
I will share the photos taken at the museum in a later post. The nice thing is that there is a cafe inside where you can have all kinds of cakes. Paradoxically the lighting is not great.
After our visit, we walked back to Walthamstow Central and passed these houses. 
We headed to Bloomsbury where we used to live during our time at the University of London. We wondered, whether our old coffee place, Cafe Romano, was still there. And it was. We had a look at our student halls. It felt a bit surreal. 
Finally we went to Marchmont Street and had drinks at pub where they were showing rugby. C and I decided to meet again the next day and invite friends that we have known from uni times who are still living in London. Unfortunately there aren't many who are still here. 
I then went to my hotel to get ready for dinner and met up with my blogger friend Juliet from Luxembourg in Mayfair. 



  1. Laura20.3.16

    Stunning photography, it's beautiful to see London from above! xx
    Wander with Laura

  2. Great post dear! These pictures are so beautiful!
    Hugs, Pisa

  3. Caliope Couture20.3.16

    Aww, beautiful pictures! I love London. Have a great weekend!

    Christina ♥ https://caliope-couture.com

  4. Hope you're having a great time! London from the air is beautiful, I love that you can pick out all the landmarks.

  5. Siffat Haider20.3.16

    Your pictures make me miss London beyond words - such beautiful pictures. Hope you're having fun!

  6. Jill Dap20.3.16

    Beautiful photos!



  7. Pamela RG20.3.16

    Your view of London from the airplane is superb! It's better than riding the London Eye. It's nice to meet friends in London. I haven't heard of that museum. I'm looking forward to your next post about the museum.

  8. Dressed With Soul20.3.16

    Wow, the pictures are already so impressing!

    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena


  9. London is one of my favorite cities in the world. Your aerial shots are gorgeous. Have fun! Looking forward to more of your adventures there!

  10. These images are breathtaking! I am absolutely blown away by how beautiful London is!

    Connie | Sponsored by Coffee | Etsy

  11. The aerial photos of London are so beautiful! Haha I used to love East 17 back in the day! hope you are having an amazing time

    Rachel xx

  12. Oh wow, the pictures of London from above are beautiful! I hope you have a great time :)

  13. That London vies is everything! How lucky of you to have fly with a friend as hostess.


  14. I've been wanting to see London for ages now. It looks so enchanting through your lens. And what a small world! To run into an old friend on the place, though I would imagine it would be awkward her having to serve you no?! LOL. I know if it were me I'd just want to talk to them for hours, and technically they couldn't cos they have to work!


  15. Wow I never seen those views of London before when I flew in..very nice!! That's so cool your friend was your air hostess.
    When/where are your next travel plans??

  16. Maybe because international flights go to Heathrow, whereas in this case, I was flying into London City. Next I will go to Capri (April). What about you?

  17. The air-plain shots are sooo amazing and all the other ones too are interesting and show an another side of this beautiful city.

  18. Nice that you have met a fellow student in the airplane and then in London. The cake looks so yummy! Hope you had a great time in London!

  19. As always I love your photos and how they capture the moody details of a place. How was the cake? The frosting looks so good to me!


    Love, Mary

  20. Wow....these photos are stunning. I'm due for a trip to London town soon!

    Natasha B | fashionablyfab.com


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