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When within the same week two unrelated Frenchmen ask if you have been to the Carrefour (a hypermarket) in Thionville and seen the "weird people" that shop there, you kind of wonder. From time to time I hear (mostly French) people make comments about Thionville, a small city in the northeast of France, close to the Luxembourg border. They describe Thionville as being a ghetto, the worst part of France, symbolizing its downfall, with a few 'lucky' people who have the chance to work in Luxembourg and earn decent wages. I have been to this city twice before but I have never noticed anything particular about it. But I was curious to check out this infamous Carrefour.

After a thirty minutes drive across the border, I found myself in Thionville. At the shopping centre, I was prepared to see a freak show but I didn't notice anyone weird. There were a few 'eye-catching' people but nothing out of the ordinary. If anything, the people I interacted with were all friendly and respectful. So, as always, I was glad that I had seen for myself to draw my own conclusions. 

Mindfulness Coloring Book

I posted this photo on my Instagram yesterday. It's a colouring book that I bought in the US. I thought that people would perhaps make fun of me for taking up this childish activity but no one did. A couple of people were interested and asked me where I got it from. I bought this one at Urban Outfitters in Las Vegas but you can also get it, as well as other kinds, on Amazon (here). 


My photo in City magazine

Nice to see that Ville de Luxembourg published my aerial photo of Luxembourg City (top right) in this month's City magazine. This is a random photo that I took from the airplane as I was flying back from my weekend in Nice in January. I had almost forgotten about it until a few days later when I was looking for something to post on Instagram. Ville de Luxembourg regramed the photo and it received quite a few likes on their Facebook page. I would never have thought that this shot would be popular. I'm pleased about it, of course, but it also tells me that I will most likely never really get what people really like... Yes, that is what I find truly 'weird'; not the people shopping at Carrefour in Thionville. 



  1. Edita Lozovska3/06/2016 12:38 pm

    I actually saw so many mindfulness colouring books - so many different version! I might get one too :)

  2. The Carrefour story is so bizarre haha, did you ever find out why it was so infamous? I'm seeing a lot of the colouring books around, I was terrible at colouring as a child so I haven't tried it yet as an adult LOL

  3. The Mindfullness Colouring Book is popular here in North America. You can also get them at Barnes and Noble website. Your aerial photo of Luxembourg Citybis very nice.myou captured the City very well.

  4. That shot from the sky is really stunning dear. Don't feel weird about that? :) :) :)

    Real Life Nerd


  5. I don't understand people sometime. Why everyone needs to belittle others? Maybe if that part of France is not that hip, that doesn't necessarily make it the worst of France. I am glad you got to see for yourself and draw your own conclusions. As for the coloring books, I refuse to buy into this hype haha I know, I should be more open to the idea of a coloring book, but I think it's one of those new things "a la mode" that everyone must do to fit in (not that it's the reason why people do it). And congratulations of your picture being featured! It is indeed a very nice aerial shot you got there!

  6. Congratulations on your photo being featured. It's gorgeous. I don't even try to understand what people will like anymore as there are too many of those things that escape me like reality tv "stars"

  7. I didn't know that the colouring books were a trend. Certainly not yet in Europe! Or maybe everyone has one and doesn't admit it :) But seriously, I think that it can help me destress after a long day in front of Emails and Excel sheets...

    As for this city in France: I agree, it's an underprivileged area but there are places in the world that are much much worse off. As long as people are nice - that's all I care about.

  8. Well, because according to my two sources, the people 'look weird'. Maybe in Luxembourg 'look' more 'normal' but that doesn't mean that they truly are... :)

  9. Great post dear! How great, that your shot was in a magazine! Congrats! :)
    Hugs, Pisa ❤

  10. I see a whole host of people with those colouring books it seems like a great way to destress and also a fun activity to do on long flights.

    Abigail Alice x | Latest: Getting into Festivals for Free

  11. Really? In the US coloring books are everywhere. Even in Sweden when I was visiting I saw many coloring books on display. And my best friend (who lives in Russia) picked up a couple for herself. That's why I assumed it was everywhere!

    As for distressing, I am not saying these books are useless. Those who dive into them say they are miracle workers in that department. I just don't think it's for me. Then again, I have other ways of distressing (i.e., crochet, gardening, baking) and that is probably why I am not too keen to try this new trend. But maybe some day!

    I think if you enjoy it, do it :)

  12. I love Mindfulness Coloring Book! I saw it in a vlog of a youtuber I love and I thought that it was super therapeutic haha. Also, congrats on being featured!


  13. PLAYING WITH APPAREL3/07/2016 3:13 am

    Congratulations on your picture being put in the magazine. I love it!

    Filipa xxx
    PlayingWithApparel.com | Instagram

  14. Congrats dear! Lovely picture!!

  15. Wow nice shot, congrats on it being published! (:



  16. Well, at least in Luxembourg, we are a bit slow with catching up on things... I would say that 'if' the colouring books make it through (there is a chance they may not), it will take a few months to year until everyone buys into it :D

    I will see what the books will do for me. To be honest, I have so much to do, that I haven't even had the time to draw anything :(

  17. Yay, I am so happy you got a colouring book! Please share some drawings

  18. It might be a good thing. I think that maybe if it wasn't so much of a hip thing here, I might have considered trying it. Now it just feels like I would be buying into the "trend" scheme. So I will most likely wait until it fades away. I can also relate about having so much to do! So much I want to do myself, and so little time. Hope you do find some time for yourself though!

  19. But why, the photo of Luxembourg City is really nice! I like it too.

  20. Ivona Iwarra Josipovic3/07/2016 6:50 pm

    I love that photo and I love it when you can get a view like that from a plane! And the colouring book is super good, when I used to work with kids I remember that colouring with them was always super relaxing :)

    Ivona from www.thesmokedetector.net

  21. Anouk,
    I'm glad you reserved judgment and went to see the scene and people yourself... I often have such differing perspective than others on so many things. Actually, I don't understand when people assess others so unnecessarily. Seems to be a waste of energy ... Your photo is beautiful!


    Hugs and love,


  22. That kind of reminds me of Walmart here in America where lots of weird people shop lol (www.peopleofwalmart.com)
    I see those colouring books are pretty popular lately. I see them for sale here a lot
    I really love that photo! Congrats on having it published ;)


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