6 am power walk

You may have seen my snapchat while I was in the US last month. I was whining about having gained weight, clothes no longer fitting and that I had to do something about it. I think that whining is okay if you take positive action afterwards. 

So, for the three weeks that I have been back home, I have worked out four times a week (cardio & weights) and I'm proud that I have stuck to this new routine. Well, an old routine, which I had been neglecting for a long time. This morning I felt like going for a one hour power walk and I did so at 6 am. 

Now that I have re-established a regular workout pattern, I am going to focus on nutrition. I definitely need to cut back on sugar! 

Here are some photos that I took during my walk. It was really cold and frosty but it felt good! Happy Sunday. 



  1. Woah go YOU! Wish I could say I returned from mine and attempted the same. I've kept up the whining but haven't done anything about it. It's been too hot for me to workout LOL. I'm waiting for cooler weather so I can really kick my ass into shape.


  2. Anouk I love every posts of yours! Such a visual treat!


    Nilu Yuleena Thapa

    BIG hair LOUD mouth

  3. Good on you! I think the hardest part is getting the routine going.

  4. Violette13.3.16

    I love walking on morning, you feel so good after! Beautiful pictures!


  5. Alice13.3.16

    I just adore morning walks and your pictures are absolutely gorgeous!

  6. Pamela RG13.3.16

    I am back on my power walk during the weekends starting this weekend. We have spring like weather now so it's perfect to start the walking exercise. Enjoy your morning walks.

  7. I'm very impressed that you did a power walk at 6 am Anouk. I've just got back from skiing which was good as it was totally different muscle groups than what I usually exercise

  8. I love morning workouts! Glad you have taken upon yourself to get back into exercising! Do share you nutrition regimen when you have established one - i love to see what healthy changes everyone makes!

  9. Good for you for sticking to your new exercise routine! Your walking trail looks so peaceful and lovely. I always feel more energetic when I work out regularly.

  10. I can totally relate to you in this post because I too have gained a few pounds in my belly area. I did workout like crazy for the past couple of months and then one day I was tired after working all day. Let's just say one day of I'm too tired let to several. I'm now getting back into
    my old habit of eating right and working out and it feels great! Kudos to you for getting fit!

    Only The Brave Blog

  11. Trang Do14.3.16

    Beautiful snaps!! Love this post!

    Love from www.trangscorner.com {a lifestyle, fashion, beauty, and food blog}

  12. Sybil14.3.16

    with the warm weather coming in, I'm planning doing walks outdoors too! :D

    Have a great week!

    Animated Confessions

  13. Betty Szanto14.3.16

    I love to walk too in the woods and small villages of Lux 👍

  14. What a beautiful place for a walk! Good luck with everything. As far as nutrition goes, I wrote a few things that you may find useful, and if you have questions, just ask. :)

  15. Good luck with the routine! I truly admire people who take care of their bodies, because a healthy body means a healthy soul. It looks really cold on the photos, but I am sure it was a refreshing walk.

  16. Anouk,
    You have a sensible plan to focus on the exercise routine first and then the food consumption. I also gained some weight this winter and I'm trying to gradually cut back as well. We're kindred spirits in our love for sugar!


    Hugs and love,


  17. Gorgeous shots Anouk. Great to be back in your nest and moving towards a healthier lifestyle. That last shot is everything :)

    p/s We are taking on the '5 Piece French Wardrobe Challenge'. Insane idea to begin with but do stop by our latest post and let us know what you think!

    Real Life Nerd


  18. Good luck with your routine! Sometimes is really hard to say no to all the food temptations out there, especially sweets. I gains some wait too last year and I am not pleased with my self at all :(

  19. That's great you are sticking to your routine! Really nice photos..is that around where you live? Very beautiful

  20. Yes, next to my house!

  21. Such gorgeous shots! Looks like the perfect spot for a good walk and some fresh air! Good luck with your routine! Definitely try to have a detox from sugar, even if it's for just two weeks, it helps so much and you can taste things so much better! Xx


  22. 6am isn't a time really known to me too well, I'm usually sleeping soundly like a baby however I absolutely love going out and getting some fresh air that's for sure. There's nothing better then the smell of the morning outside it's really quite something.

    Lovely photographs by the way! The frosty leaves is such a lovely image and captures the early morning coldness nicely.

    Great post and lovely to have a detox too, I am going to be on one after my trip to Rome!

    Thanks for sharing.

    Laura xo



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