Goodbye fabulous Las Vegas

Las Vegas was so overwhelming that in the end I didn't take many photos. This place is just so over top. For someone as sensitive as I am, the constant stimulation of all senses is tiring. As the previous times, I didn't venture away from the strip. I gambled a little bit but quickly lost it all. Not a big loss and nothing compared to the stakes of other people. 

It's always exciting to get to Las Vegas but I never feel sad leaving. I also now remember why I skipped it during my last trip to the West Coast. I will most likely skip it again next time. At some point the thought 'vapid consumerism' crossed my mind. I was a bit surprised at myself. I guess that I'm also taking part in it but a few years ago, I don't think that I would have had such an idea. 

Anyway, yesterday I was happy to drive to LA. Even though the traffic is a pain (a bit like finding yourself on the motorway in Luxembourg at 8 am on a weekday), I find it much more relaxing. 



  1. I get your point and I think Id think it too even though, first I still have to get to Vegas:) Oh LA, my fave! xo

  2. I am glad you did this trip! You are a full spirited and adventurous girl and sometimes in life we need that alone soul searching time to learn about ourselves!

  3. Tania Franco17.2.16

    Living in L.A. and being so close to Vegas, I've been several times with friends/family. It isn't for me either, but I do love lounging by the pool and shopping instead of gambling.


  4. I feel the same about Las Vegas. It can really be so over the top that it's like a relief when you leave. Have a fun and more elaxing time in LA!

  5. I need to visit this place!

  6. Beautiful photos of Vegas, I agree LA traffic is horrendous!


  7. Vegas is amazing! Your photos captured the place at its best! Not just the flashy shows but the true essence of what the place represents Thanks for inspiring! :) http://www.bauchlefashion.com

  8. OMG the traffic in LA. It is a constant, it never f***ing ends! It took us nearly 3 hours on our last day to get from Malibu to Hollywood and I don't even think that was the worst bit of traffic we experienced either. It's been so interesting reading about your experience of Vegas. For me it was phonemail but then again, it was my first time and I suspect that in returning it probably won't be as dazzling. In hindsight there isn't really much to do except for eating and shopping in which case you're completely spoilt for choice. Also found it so interesting about your review on the Aria. I actually wanted to stay at Caesars but my travel companion wasn't happy to spend $$$ on it. I really did love Caesars though, it's in the heart of everything and has so much within itself to offer also (again more-so food and shopping). Next time I think I'll go Caesars instead of the Aria.


  9. I completely agree on the over-stimulation on Vegas, but it's fun to get a taste of it once in awhile. Hope you had a wonderful time anyway lovely :) xx


  10. Jasmine18.2.16

    Ha! Never thought someone would say the traffic in LA was relaxing but I can see how it might be more relaxing than the constant stimulation in LV!

    be the plebeian

  11. I love going to Vegas its such a great place to go for a good time. I haven't been in a few years looks like a few things have changed on the strip. I live in LA so I can completely understand how you feel about the traffic. I have to deal with it everyday especially after work it's the worst. Although you didn't take a bunch of pictures the moments you did capture look great!

    Only The Brave Blog

  12. Sybil18.2.16

    not the biggest fan of vegas either, but i don't mind it for a couple of days.. :)
    you're such an adventurer with the driving/travelling! :D your pictures clearly speak of it!

    Have a great day!

    Animated Confessions

  13. I totally know how you feel about Vegas, after two days I am over it and want to leave. All of the stimulation makes me stressed out

  14. Joel.lu18.2.16

    Did you at least once tried a slotmachine ? ;-)

  15. I think the traffic is kind of similar in our town too :( Lovely photos!

  16. Never been to Vegas, but I guess I'd feel the same way. It looks so photogenic though!

  17. I know it's not a destination I'd be thinking of visiting, but your photos are something I just adore!!! Better and more exciting than Vegas itself, at least for me. x

  18. I'd love to visit Las Vegas once but like you, I'd probably be relieved to leave as it does sound a bit full on - looking forward to reading about LA and would be great to see you and your friend, 20th March would be best if that works for you

  19. that unicorn x

  20. Pamela RG18.2.16

    It's so true Anouk. Las Vegas is called Sin City. It's excessive consumerism and artificial. Just like you, I wouldn't go back. There are many places in the West Coast that truly shows the beauty and charm of the USA like Monterey and Carmel in California.

  21. Mary Maria18.2.16

    I love it!! Have a good day doll!!

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  22. You're so right about Vegas. I can only stand it for a day, maybe. The lights, noise, excessiveness... too much for me. In some ways, LA is too much for me too, though there are some lovely restful pockets there too. Will you have a chance to visit San Diego? This is my favorite southern ca place.


    Love, Mary

  23. I went to San Diego once but since I like LA more, I'm just going to stay here. Many people prefer SD though.

  24. Hi, sure, we can do 20th March! Thanks for the suggestion. We can decide time and place closer to the date. Have a nice day!

  25. Thank you Natalia!

  26. Yes, I did and lost within minutes :'-(

  27. I've never been to Vegas myself but I would probably find it the same as you. Have a good time in LA!

  28. As the introvert that I am, I think las vegas is so not a place for me to enjoy.


  29. Denise Sabs19.2.16

    Yes, true, constant stimulation is tiring, saturates mind and soul! But I am glad that you enjoyed your trip and that you didn't lose much :) Hope you have a very nice weekend!

  30. Vegas is sooo cool and fun!! Nice photos... very exciting!

    All the Cute
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  31. It's always hard to say goodbye to an amazing place like this right?


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  32. I think in Vegas I would feel a bit like I did in Miami beach...like "shit, I'm in a film" and "what else is there to do here besides wasting money?"

  33. Very nice photos! I've never been to Las Vegas but I really want to. I can understand it must be a really draining city..everyone I know who went have said they are not able to stay a long time there!


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