Gifts received

It's about time that I write a post about the gifts that I have recently received. Let's start with a set of goodies that I got from Stanislava of Sun and Sany. I was the winner of her giveaway and she sent me the Bulgarian Producers' Christmas Set. Thank you Stanislava; I always like to be given practical things that I can use! It never fails to stun me when all of a sudden I meet or receive a package, like in this case, from a person that I have met through blogging. It's surreal but exciting. 
Laura Mitbrodt of Laura Jane Atelier is another blogger who has been in touch with me. She has recently created her own fragrance and she kindly sent me a sample. I was very curious to discover the scent and I have to say that I really like it. It's a bit mysterious and I daresay that it would smell great on men too. Well done Laura, thanks again and I wish you lots of success with your perfume. As you can see, I was so excited to open the package that I cut off edges of the lovely thank you card... 
Here are several gifts that K had given me during the past few months: a candle from a trip to France, a soap from her latest trip to Nepal, a book written by my favourite Franz Ferdinand band member, Alex Kapranos and a Mudam (Luxembourg Museum of Modern Art) gift voucher. Other gifts from K have been eaten and couldn't make it onto this pic. 
I didn't show you any of the Christmas gifts that I had received. I was showered with chocolates, gift vouchers, a bit of cash and this beautiful pink cashmere scarf. 
I also got this practical Aladdin bento lunch box. A stylish way to keep your packed lunch warm! 
Last but not least, a small gift to myself: a leather shoulder bag from & Other Stories. I like the size and the fact that it has an adjustable shoulder strap. After purchase, I realized that it looks very much like the ChloĆ© small Faye bag. Unfortunately the leather is very sensitive and scratches easily but for now it's my favourite every day bag.  


  1. You received so many gifts. I'm glad you liked them all. Enjoy!

  2. Julia Walker1/10/2016 8:37 pm

    Lovely post! Which programme do you use to edit your pictures? They look great!


  3. Thanks, I use Photoshop Lightroom!

  4. A lot of lovely gifts!!!!
    Kisses, Paola.


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  5. Awesome gifts! That shoulder bag is so chic!

    Katherine Lou

  6. Love the &otherstories bag! I have a secret obsession with the brand and yeah it happens when leather are too fine and soft. Have a great week ahead Anouk x

    Real Life Nerd // www.vivienekok.com

  7. Santa was really good to you! Every gift you received looks lovely and that bag is really chic.

  8. ahhh... you got great gifts here...

  9. Awe thanks so much Anouk! I am so glad you like my perfume



  10. Atsuna Matsui1/11/2016 7:10 am

    Looks like you got some lovely presents!



  11. These gifts are amazing!

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  12. You are welcome! Glad to see you liked the items!
    I really like the bag you've purchased! It looks very stylish!

  13. You received some wonderful gifts. I especially love the shade of that cashmere scarf!


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