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Piano: I feel like I haven't made much progress for the past few years. This is mainly due to the fact that I have spent too much time blogging when I should have been taking regular practising (even just 20 minutes a day) more seriously. Nowadays I find myself too tired during the week and I only prepare my next lesson during weekends. I have been thinking about giving up but then I am scared that I would feel as if the past eight years had been wasted... So I am hanging in there for the time being. 

Late birthday party: On Thursday I hosted a small private party at IKKI to celebrate my birthday (which was last month). It was nice to have a special after work with family and friends. I think that everyone had a nice time. I had ordered finger food which consisted of sushi, tapas, veg dips, cheese platter, smoked salmon blinis and mini desserts. 

Snooze: The weekend started yesterday evening. I met up with my blogger friends, Sun, Sammie, Jennifer and Yaya. We had dinner at Snooze, where we had last met in summer. It was fun and we were broadcasting live on Periscope (my user name is luxessed). The food was really good - this time I tried the vegetarian Black Pearl burger made of black beans, mushrooms, garlic, rice, tomato and shallots. We stayed late and were the last ones to be leaving. 

This weekend: Today I am off to Luxembourg City to work on a new blog article. I will do a bit of shopping as well as I still have to get Christmas and birthday gifts for my family. 

Travel plans: I have one week off mid-December but I don't think I will be travelling anywhere. Maybe for once I should just stay at home, go to the gym daily, relax... and play the piano! 

Christmas and New Year's: I will be celebrating Christmas with my family. New Year's Eve will be spent in Luxembourg too but the next day I will be off to Belgium for a short weekend getaway. 

New Year's resolutions: Still work in progress but I have been considering travelling less (something I say every year but then don't stick to it) and possibly going from ovo-pescetarian to vegetarian. We'll see. 



  1. Love this post and I hope you enjoy Luxembourg xx


  2. Keep up with the piano, love it too and I wish I learnt how to play. I still have to get my Xmas gifts too, I think in the next days, havent clear ideas lol Enjoy the weekend Anouk! xo

  3. Monique | WritingMonique12/05/2015 4:49 pm

    I loved reading this! Very curious about your final new years resolutions now! Will you do a blogpost on them?!


  4. Hi Monique, I hadn't thought about it but now that you mention it, I might well do a post about my 2016 resolutions. Thanks for the idea! :)

  5. Home is the best place for Christmas, lovely post and nice thoughts!



  6. I'm glad you are making plans for the days ahead! I know for myself I can never be a vegetarian lol I like my meat too much!

  7. I hope you keep the piano classes, it is among my regrets for not picking up any musical instrument!


  8. It must be amazing to be able to play the piano, I know it's hard to fit everything in but that's a great skill

    Suze - Luxury Columnist

  9. I'd love to learn the piano but I fear I don't have the time for it. Must be such a nice talent to hold though. And I haven't even began contemplating NYE or my resolutions. I keep putting them off because of time too


  10. Happy Birthday! That burger at Snooze looks yummy & I love your travel posts, so please don`t travel less! :))

  11. Christie Belle12/06/2015 4:10 pm

    Hope you had a good birthday! X

  12. hope the party was a blast! happy belated birthday and... the food looks delicious!

    Inside and Outside Blog

  13. It sounds like you will have a busy month ahead of you! I'd so like to be able to play piano, I played a bit when I was a kid then stopped it!


  14. omg!! such a busy time of the year for sure! my sched is filled with dinners and parties too! :D

    Have a great week!

    Animated Confessions

  15. I would definitely relax on that week off! You always seem so busy! Gotta have some time for yourself.


  16. I had the same situation with piano, so I stopped it, because I wanted to do my best at what I do, and decided to keep doing my blog and some other things. This was such a lovely post! Have a nice day!

    xo, Esther


  17. That's one busy schedule. Unlike you, I would love to travel more in the future!
    Happy Day!

  18. You've got alot going on. I'm thinking about my New Year's resolutions now as well and I'm considering going vegetarian for more days/week.

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  19. Yummy this looks so good



  20. Happy belated b-day! When I was a child I was taking piano classes too. Then I gave up because I didn't feel like doing it anymore. I don't regret I've given up, but piano always brings such sentimental memories in me. I don't see why you have to travel less as a New Year resolution! Travelling is something great and enriching, especially when you can afford it.

  21. First photo is so delicious ! Very nice post :)

  22. It's good to have a plan and that you wrote it down. All the best.

  23. Nice to hear what you've been up to! I'm so behind on your blog again =\
    Why would you make a new year's resolution to travel less?! lol

  24. You are right! I should travel for as long as I can...


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