Kicheneck: Lebanese and Mediterranean Food | Luxembourg

On Monday my friend K made me discover Kicheneck (translation: 'kitchen corner') on Limpertsberg. I immediately liked the pleasant decoration: not too little, not too much, with soft colours. We both ordered vegetarian meals: falafel plates for each one of us and a plate of hallumi to share. It was excellent. As K noticed, the falafel were not too dry (which can happen sometimes) and the entire seasoning was spot on. 

The service was good - polite and attentive... until we were done with our meals, the waiter had all of a sudden disappeared. We had to shout to catch his attention and get him to come back to the room so that we could pay. He was a very sweet man and we were rather amused. 

If you like Lebanese food, I recommend you try Kicheneck. The restaurant doesn't serve alcoholic drinks but customers are welcome to buy such drinks from Tramways, a bar across the street, and bring them along. 

66, Avenue Pasteur
L-2310 Luxembourg


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