Visit to Tea & more in Dudelange (Luxembourg)

Yesterday K and I visited the Tea & more shop in Dudelange. The first thing that I noticed when I walked in, was the eclectic smell. Then I saw the huge tea selection with my own eyes: hundreds of different kinds neatly arranged on shelves and in cupboards. We sat down with the shop owner, Marc, who then started telling us about his passion for tea and how his shop came into existence a couple of years ago. It was very inspiring and informative.

A few general things that I have learned:
  • Camomile tea can dry out your stomach, so don't drink it too frequently
  • Maté and matcha tea are super energising and can have an effect that lasts four to five hours
  • Pu Erh is recommended for hangover situations. It gives you energy as well
  • Green and white tea are excellent for detox
  • 7x7 tea is a very strong detox tea composed of 49 herbs. It's efficient but should be consumed along with water, in order to avoid headaches

A couple of more interesting facts about tea origins: 
  • Green tea comes mainly from China and Japan
  • Great black tea originates in India and Sri Lanka
  • Expect white tea to be from China
  • The best oolong tea grows in the higher mountains in Taiwan
  • Maté has little theine and its main home are Argentina and Brazil
  • Roibos contains no theine and comes from South Africa
I also discovered these tea capsules by Shu Yao. They go together with the to go portable teamaker. How does this work? You pour the tea leaves into the cup, add hot water and close the cup with the lid. And you're ready to have your tea to go. The tea leaves last for up to five refills. The teamaker comes in different colours. 
Still looking for last minutes Christmas gift ideas? Check out the Tea and more website or visit the shop in Dudelange (by appointment). Besides tea, a large selection of teaware is also available. Thank you Marc for your time and for sharing your knowledge. 

28, rue Jean Simon
L-3568 Dudelange



  1. All of these teas look great, I want to try



  2. Ivona Iwarra Josipovic30.11.15

    Oh, I really love a good tea shop! I am like an old English lady, I love my tea! :)

    Ivona from www.thesmokedetector.net


  3. This was a fascinating read, didn't realize that chamomile could dry you out. Pu Erh sounds good for the holiday season!

    Suze - Luxury Columnist

  4. Together with coffee, I'm also a huge tea lover. It must have been very nice being there and knowing more about it, my fave is the green one though I had to be used to it first. Didnt know that fact about camomille. Happy Monday Anouk! xo

  5. OMG! My jaw keeps dropping as i read this post. such a wonderful tea collection. This will be perfect holiday gift for my family!


  6. I was just about to comment and then I noticed you switched to Disquss. :)

    This was very interesting to read. I love drinking tea, and I will have the one for hangover in mind. Must have been a nice experience!

  7. Yes, I have switched because I think that it is useful to respond to comments and keep the dialogue going. I will see how I like it. If I don't, I will switch back to Blogger comments :)

  8. I didn't knew that camomile tea could do that, I should drink it less often then. It helps me relax and sleep on night. And I think I should drink match on morning more often :D This is a great read. Thanks for sharing.


  9. We love tea and are big tea drinkers in my family, I love rooibos and green teal. Great post to read. I've been drinking new teas lately and loving Earl Grey with lavender.
    Frenchie Christmas

  10. Tash Collier30.11.15

    Sounds good! :)


  11. These look so nice ♥


  12. Great post! They sound lovely! X

  13. Catarina Neves30.11.15

    What an amazing post!

  14. Corie Bratter1.12.15

    I really love this shop, I think it is the most complete in terms of range in Luxembourg. And love the fact you can shop online if you don't want to get to Dudelange. I always buy matcha tea, love it!


  15. I never knew that chamomile tea you could dry out your stomach. That's interesting. I do like to drink it sometimes when I can't fall sleep. :]

    // ▲ itsCarmen.com ▲

  16. Geez, who knew tea could be so complex? I'm not a big tea drinker so I don't really venture into these kinds of stores. I did once to buy something for a friend of mine and boy was it an experience.


  17. Wow, that shop looks amazing! I wouldn't even know what teas to pick, haha :)

  18. I love tea, and i want to buy white Tea from China

    Ann | www.missydress.se

  19. I agree it's a nice way to keep the dialogue going :) I always get notifications when someone responds to my comments. Something I often forget to check when commenting on Blogger.

  20. This looks like a beautiful store! Did you try any of the teas? What was your favorite? I am a big fan of rooibos and green tea.


    Love, Mary

  21. Edita Lozovska1.12.15

    Oooh, I would go crazy in this shop - loooove tea :D



  22. I got some samples and I bought some Tea Forte :)

  23. Love tea! Looks like they have a really wonderful selection. x


  24. Anna Katina1.12.15

    Wor och schon dohiner bloggen an exploren, cool Saachen!

  25. I love tea so much, and you really made me wanna visit this shop! Thank you for sharing what you learned, I didn't know that camomile tea could dry out my stomach. Have a great week!

    xo, Esther


  26. Tea shops always smell amazing to me! This one looks to have quite an extensive selection!

  27. I landed in tea heaven. So many tee types, I would love to go in such a shop!
    It is great that you installed DISQUS! :)

  28. Yes, I think it's a more convenient way to keep a conversation going!


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