Third iPhone in six months

This year I haven't been very lucky with my iPhones. I upgraded from my iPhone 5 to an iPhone 6 in May but as you know, I lost (or had it stolen) the device in September when I went to Dubai. A cheap Android by OBI helped me bridge the gap while I was abroad, then luckily I got to use my sister's old iPhone 5 once I was back in Luxembourg. It seemed to be ideal that the new iPhone 6s was about to come out in October. 

As the one I wanted (rose gold) was difficult to get hold of at the shops, I bought one directly from Apple. Well, the honeymoon period didn't last too long. A few weeks after I dropped the phone and the screen had a slight crack. It wasn't even visible but once I dropped it a second time, the crack became more noticeable. I decided to get the screen replaced but since this couldn't be done at the Apple store in Dresden, they offered me a brand new device for amount that the repair would have cost. 

As soon as I had the new phone, I told myself, 'F... style, I'm going to get a case'. So I got an Evo Mesh Sport Case by Tech21 and a protector screen crystal. Funnily, I haven't dropped the phone ever since... 


  1. Getting a case should always be the first thing after getting a new phone. I have learned the hard way.
    This is a beautiful case too!


  2. Lol, I have some misadventures with my phone as well this year. You did right at the end and the case seems very cool! xo

  3. I dropped my first Iphone in a glass - don't ask how! - and I totally crashed the screen.. after that, always huge and soft cases! I love the pink one!


  4. As much as iPhone looks great on its own, I think it's mandatory to have a case. They are very slippery and having in mind their price, it's better to be safe.

  5. Not good! I feel like I am soon going to break mine I am so clumsy haha.


  6. That is just too funny (although it probably wasn't too funny for you), but at least you got a brand new one! Take care of it like a new born baby haha <3
    She Will Be

  7. Ech hun sou eng Panzerschutz Folie op mengem Bildschirm, an déi huet mech Halloween gerett wéi en erofgefall ass... Si war ganz gebrach mee et war naicht um Bildschirm selwer! :)

    1. Jo, ech hu mir direkt och esou eng drop gepescht! As wierklech e Muss ;)

  8. This post reminds me of that meme showing an iPhone with cracked screen saying "we all have that one friend whose phone like this" :D Luckily it wasn't me xD


  9. Tolle Story, da kann ich auch lange Geschichten erzählen, alle billig zweit und dritt handys von mir leben ohne Kratzer seit 5 Jahre problemlos, kaum investiert man in einem Iphone, schon kommt der Wasserschaden. *Iphone würg* XD



  10. The problem with phones made out of glass...it's unfortunate they break so easily but at least you have another one! Cute case!! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!


  11. Hopefully your luck with phones gets better with this one. I also have a rose gold iPhone and I wonder if I should get a sturdier case now.

  12. I upgraded from an iPhone 4 to and iPhone 6 in June, and I didn't start using the iPhone 6 until I had bought a cover. I'm so clumsy and I would hate it if there were cracks on my phone. The rose gold iPhone 6s is so pretty! I totally understand why you wanted it in that color!

    Hugs from Denmark x
    Mathilde | MATHILDE JULIE

  13. Typical, isn't it? Though I wouldn't dare carying mine without a case - I usually buy leather ones, nothing too expensive and they do their job pretty well. :)

  14. I learnt my lesson the hard way and smashed the phone screen to bits when I dropped it. Now I use the lifeproof case - it doesn't look great and is bulky but at least I know my phone is safe!

  15. Looks great. At least now, you got what you always wanted.

  16. I hate how fragile iPhones are. That's why you always gotta get the insurance!



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