Kou-Si | The Melusina Restaurant

On Thursday I went on a dinner date with Mr. Yaya Van Chique. I hadn't seen him since our last night out at Snooze two months ago. Initially we were meant to go and see Confidences but since Yaya didn't feel like it and I will still be able to see another performance next week, we agreed to have dinner at Melusina's new restaurant Kou-Si (pronounced cosy) in Clausen instead. Mr. Van Chique turned up in his Lederhosen outfit in honour of Oktoberfest month. You can see the entire look here, including his golden Carrie Bradshaw aviator sunnies.
Kou-Si opened during summer 2015 and offers a small but sophisticated selection of dishes. Being a pescetarian, I noticed that most dishes contained meat. I didn't want to go for the only vegetarian dish Légumes du marché, therefore I picked the Saumon à la façon du chef (salmon). 
I enjoyed every single bite of my meal. As you can see, the portion was very big. 
Yaya picked an off the menu dish: Bouchée à la reine (chicken vol-au-vent), which was served with fries and a side salad. He said that it was the best bouchée he had ever had. 
We both chose the same dessert: cheesecake. It came with a caramel peanut buttery sauce and it was so delicious. 
All in all it was a very enjoyable evening; great company and excellent food. What more can you ask for? 
Kou-Si / Restaurant Melusina
145, rue de la Tour Jacob
L-1831 Luxembourg
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  1. That's a lovely place! And the food looks delicious! I also loved the nae, and pronounced Cozy :) I think you and your friend look so beautiful and he seems to be such a nice guy, I bet you had loads of fun!

  2. Love the look of the chicken vol au vent, such a classic! And the cheesecake must have been very tasty too

    Suze | LuxuryColumnist

  3. It's always so much fun trying new restaurants. Unlike you, I am a creature of habit especially when I am hungry and feeling lazy to "risk" new unfamiliar places haha.

  4. Both dishes look delicious. It will be hard to choose. But definitely I will choose the cheesecake. It looks like a fun night.

  5. The food looks yummie! I remember your friend from a post of yours in the past. Glad to hear you had a nice time with him!

  6. Never tried this place, but dishes look really yummy!



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