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I am currently preparing a few beauty posts to share with you my favourite products. Today I want to start the series with what has become an indispensable accessory to me: fake eyelashes or falsies. 

Mother nature gifted me with medium long eyelashes but they are not as long as I'd like them to be, so I have looked for options. There are a few mascaras out there that I occasionally use - Dior and Chanel have some good ones. I've tried eyelash extensions but I have itchy memories of those. My fibre mascara experience was disappointing. Out of all these alternatives, fake eyelashes are my favourite solution. 

I remember buying my first pair of eyelashes seven years ago. They were by MAKE UP FOR EVER. I have tried many different brands after that but I've always gone back to MUFE. My favourite type is number 14 as it looks fairly natural but gives my eyes the sought after effect. 

Having to put on falsies daily may sound dreadful but after a while it becomes quite easy and it's just like putting on contact lenses. I wear the same pair for about a week and then discard it for hygienic reasons. Also my favourite glue is DUO (the black one) which helps the entire process. 

Would love to read your comments about your favourite products to extend your eyelashes! 
PS: This may appear like a sponsored post but unfortunately it isn't.

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  1. Thank you so much for this post :) I've yet to find some decent fake eyelashes,but they always look so huge and drag-queen like in the packaging that I never know which ones would be appropriate for daytime.
    My sister is also a huge fan of the make up forever and always uses them for her competitions,but I guess they're the bigger ones,so I might try number 14 as you suggested.


    1. Glad that you would consider giving them a try. And if 14 doesn't work for you, there many other styles to fit all tastes :) xo

  2. I saw that you were wearing them and I really have to say that they just look gorgeous on you! ;) xo Your Husband

    Yaya Van Chique


  3. So I am not the only fan of fake lashes I see! I also use the makeup forever ones as I think they are the best in Luxembourg, even if I try to stock them when I am in the UK at Boots as they have more reasonable prices. I tend to use them only for big nights out and recently as I had extensions during summer I stopped, but I might come back to them soon. Only problem is to be precise and I am getting nervous soon :)


  4. You know, I was never able to put them and Im not a big fan of them but on ur eyes the effect is stunning, I remember u use them. Duo glue in the black version is the best, also as false lashes are lovely the ones from Ardell. Happy weekend Anouk! xo

  5. These lashes are everything, it looks amazing on every girl :)


  6. The comparison with putting on contacts is good! I don't wear falsies, because of having sensitive eyes and some problems at the moment, but I do wear contact lenses since I was 13, so ooohh, I know the feeling. If it is easy and one gets used to it, then it's fine! It does make a look more beautiful, nice that you like them! Looking forward to the new posts about beauty!

  7. I'm quite rubbish with false lashes but that said I probably don't have enough practice with them. I use Lipocils lash essence at night to keep my lashes strong and it has promoted some growth as well and I always use a primer with my mascara cuase it helps it last and work better.

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  8. I am actually very envious of your natural medium length long (and black) eyelashes given by Mother Nature :) I am not a make up type of girl but I am very interested to see how these lashes look on you! Looking forward to hear about your reviews and maybe some close up pictures? :)

  9. I never try false eyelashes but the result is beautiful. Kisses and have a lovely weekend :)

  10. Good post, I've not tried proper eyelash extensions, but only have used fake lashes several times in general when I'm going on a special night out. Good to know your thoughts on this. Enjoy the weekend. <3 /Madison

  11. I tried fibre mascara too and wasn't impressed - have to admit I have never used falsies, knowing me I would glue my eyelids together ;-)

    Suze | LuxuryColumnist

  12. I have never tried false lashes on, but I'd love to! I used to have long lashes when I was a kid, but after I started using mascara, they started to fall down. Wishing you a real sponsored post soon!


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