APERI'JAZZ | La Bulle de Vin

Corie and I. I am wearing a silk top by Yileste
I felt very honoured that Corie of Barefoot in Luxembourg had invited me to be part of the APERI'JAZZ after work organized by MixInLux. The event took place on Thursday evening at La Bulle de Vin, a cosy bar in the city centre. 
MixInLux was created by Zach and Mariano. Their aim is to get professionals together for after work drinks at different locations in Luxembourg city, making sure that there is good music, drinks and a diverse crowd to mingle with. 
I had taken my friend Phil along. Corie made sure that all evening long we had enough to drink and to eat. She had invited a couple of other bloggers and I was very pleased to meet Nenny and Yasmine. 
The musical highlight of the evening were Glenys Vargas + Gotham Jazz Project. The crowd was enchanted by their performance and I had the chance to chat with Glenys' husband who shared with me the story about how they got to move to Luxembourg. 
I had a great time. Usually I tend to stay in my comfort zone and only speak to friends when I'm out but this time, I hardly had the chance to catch up with Phil. I am considering attending more MixInLux events and I'm not saying this just because this time I had been invited as a special guest. I truly believe that it's a great way to meet new people in a relaxed setting, as well as hang out with friends after work. 
24, Rue de l'Eau
L-1449 Luxembourg
I want to thank Corie for making me discover the MixInLux after work event and for the delicious goodie bag that I got, which included Red Bridge beer, a box of Tea Forte and a mind-blowing piece of cake by Sweet Stuff. Make sure that you check out Corie's blog to read about her life in Luxembourg and follow MixInLux if you want to be the first to know when their next event is going to take place. 
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  1. This looks like a lovely evening and the bar seems really cool and stylish! Thanks for sharing this post!

    Camille xo


  2. Such a great event and love all the pictures!


  3. How cool, sure you had a great time and were so gorgeous! Im as u, I tend to be in my comfort zone but Id be more talkative as well with lovely organization. Happy weekend Anouk! xo

  4. These evenings sound like great fun, they could definitely do something similar in London. Lusting after that Sweet Stuff cake. Happy Halloween!

    Suze | LuxuryColumnist

  5. What a wonderful event and evening! The photographs are wonderful and, after seeing the dessert, I am craving something sweet... :)

  6. an awesome evening well spent in the company of great and fabulous friends <3

    Jessica | notjessfashion.com

  7. Lovely pictures! It looks like you had a great time :)

    Enclothed Cognition

  8. Lucky you! This looks like a fabulous event.

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  9. looks like a lovely time, dear!! :D
    the place looks incredible!

    Have a great week!
    Animated Confessions

  10. This place looks so cool! I love the black lampshades, very artsy!

    Ash | Liakada

  11. That's so nice. The place looks great, people so nice and the food looks delicious.

  12. That place looks so chic, love it

  13. I am sure you spent a fantastic evening. The photos are lovely!

  14. Very nice! I'd be very happy to attend such an event too, especially when people are nice and you feel comfortable to chat with them. I am sure your friend Phill also had a good time!


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