Sunday | Paris

Here are some more Paris snaps that I took yesterday. I was so lucky with the weather. At times it even felt too hot. 

As planned, I went to Le Marais. I stepped into Sandro to do a bit of browsing when several pushy sales assistants jumped on me. They started the conversation by asking 'where are you from?' or 'do you know the brand?'. One even said that her mother was living in Luxembourg. Such a coincidence! With hindsight I wonder if it was true. Before I knew it I found myself in the changing rooms with three pairs of leggings (which I was kind of interested in but they were far too small for me) and three white shirts, which I hadn't asked for. I had already bought two the previous day at COS. 

I told the sales assistant that the leggings were too small and that they had almost cracked when I tried to put them. She didn't care in the least. I even insinuated that I might have broken them (to get some reaction) but she said that it didn't matter (she doesn't own them, right?). In the end she got me larger leggings and just left me with all the stuff in the cabin, while she went off to 'seduce' new customers. I bought the leggings and I do believe that it was out of my free will (or wasn't it?) but a person 'more open to suggestions' would probably have left with one of the white shirts, and a coat, and shoes, and a bag, and... It will probably be a while until I have the courage to step into another Sandro shop.

It was a funny episode because usually I am used to experience such selling techniques in other countries, outside of Europe. Apart from this, Paris was same old and many things never change, such as waiters asking you on a date (but first checking if you are single 'is Monsieur waiting for you?') or strangers assuming that you need their 'help' to find your way just because you happen to be looking at your phone on the corner of a street.



  1. What a funny (and strange) experience you had at Sandro LOL For some reason, I am a skeptic like you, not entirely believing what SA says to you. I am glad to hear that you did find things in there though. Can't wait to see how you would wear them :) Another gorgeous day in Paris. Did you end up eating or buying some macaroons for gifts?

    1. I haven't had any macarons for a long time... I managed to resist :)

  2. Paris is such a photogenic city! Wow that was some hard sell at Sandro. I usually end up leaving when sales people are pushy because I hate being pressured to buy.

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  3. What for a bad experience! I am glad it wasn't me, because like you said, I could have left with a coat, shoes and whatever... well, I am much better these days! I never had that experience about strangers trying to instruct me on the streets there, but I will keep my eyes open! The pictures are, as usual, very very beautiful!

  4. The sales assistants have been so annoying, you didnt have to buy the leggings!:P I hate when it happens, here some brands do this exhausting technique. Btw, Paris is always marvelous and so are ur pics! xo

  5. your shots are insane!!!! :D
    you have to take me around Paris if one day I get to go there!

    Have a great week!
    Animated Confessions

  6. Ah! Love your pictures, Anouk! Makes me want to get a flight to Paris now :) I hate feeling pressured to try/buy things when I shop. I like to take my own time to figure out whether or not I like the items I see and if I want them/need them. But I am happy you found things you liked! And it's been a while since I last had macaroons!

    Skattered Notes Blog: A Lifestyle Blog

  7. Stunning photos! I've never shopped at Sandro before though.


  8. The sales assistants sound quite pushy and fake, I often find that overwhelming

  9. I really don't like it when I am put in a such situation. Hope the leggings are nice! Those photos are really beautiful, I still haven't visited Paris...

  10. Another fantastic day in Paris and you made great photos too. Sorry about the situation with the leggings!

  11. Good blog post and classy photos! ♡


  12. Really funny post and lovely pictures!

    Sometimes I hate waiters' approach. In some shops are too pushy and in some other where maybe you need help they are totally reluctant to do so.

    Worst time for me is when they have finished your size, and they are trying to convince you to buy a larger one saying "it is fine on you". There I really want to cry and leave :)

    BTW I think Sandro has just opened (or is about to open in Luxembourg)!


  13. That is quite funny. Looking back at many situations of my life - there were quite a few strangers that have helped me - without me asking - just me looking at my phone. I guess this could be a good thing too!
    Btw - love Sandro!


  14. I had a similar experience at Maje - very effective salesguy, mind you he did pick out pieces that really suited me. Love your Paris shots Anouk, they bring back such great memories of my time living there

    Suze | LuxuryColumnist

  15. I'm never a huge fan of pushy sales people...I find it too overwhelming! Love the photos...gorgeous captures!


  16. Beautiful architecture! I want to go there

  17. LOVE LOVE these beautiful photos!!
    xo, Jane

  18. Oh, Paris... The never-ending love.

  19. All of your pictures are so beautifully taken, Paris looks amazing! The lighting in your pics are perfect, makes us want to go to Paris even more!

    ISA Professional

  20. Paris is never changing and beautiful. I used to stay there near the Sorbonne and Boulevard Saint Michel. Love that area. Sandro is a nice brand but pushy sales people is a turn off.

  21. Wonderful photos of Paris ! Strange experience with Sandro... :)

  22. So beautiful! I don't think I've ever been/really explored Le Marais before during my trips to Paris. I would love to go next time.
    That's funny with the sales associates..I noticed they always try to say (make up) something to relate to the customer as well


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