Palm Islands, Dubai

On Thursday my friend and I went to Palm Islands where the Atlantis Hotel is located. There wasn't that much to do because we didn't feel like visiting the Aquapark and not much was going on there. We were on our way to the Mall of the Emirates when I realized that I had lost my new iPhone 6. Either I lost it or it was stolen; it was gone.

For someone as addicted to social media as I am, a world was collapsing! I immediately went and bought a new phone, a crappy one for the meantime (while I figure out if I should be waiting to get the new iPhone 6S). But I quickly put everything into perspective. I watch the news and I see that there are people with much bigger problems out there, who are fleeing their countries to save their lives. So I refuse to feel down for something as trivial as losing a phone. If that's my only issue, then my life is pretty much sorted.



  1. So sorry that your phone went missing that sucks! Beautiful photos though <3


  2. Beautiful pictures and I love the approach you took to the loss of your phone.
    We are alright and healthy that is all that matters.Enjoy the rest of your trip


  3. Ah sorry to hear about the phone! Those skyscrapers are crazy!

  4. It's bad to lose the phone, of course! And I totally agree with you, and I always remember that - "we" (it's in general) are so lucky, we have so much, while others just want a glass of water and some dignity to live... you are very right. I hope you enjoy the trip!

  5. I received an iPhone 6 only last week and so I can imagine what a fuss I'd cause if I thought I'd lost it so early on, I feel for you! Having said that, I love how you reminded yourself what is going on in the world right now and how fortunate we all are. Thanks for the reminder :)

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice

  6. I know how you feel. Last week, our internet service at home was down then when it came back it was so slow so that was almost a week with no internet connection. But like you, I remained calm and waited to have it fixed. The Atlantic in Palm Island looks so relaxing.

  7. Oh, sorry to hear you lost (got stolen) you iPhone! Glad to hear you are not down about it! You are right, there are so many other important things in life! The photos are beautiful!

  8. It happened to me that my phone was stolen - in a club in Luxembourg! - and actually the only thing because I did feel really bad was because I've lost all my contact, chat messages and pictures. Hope you had a back up! With all the good deals in Luxembourg, you will buy a better one when back!


  9. I am sorry to here about your phone missing! The photos are great!

  10. Amazing swimming pool!


  11. Sorry for your phone... Beautiful photos :)

  12. Oh no - that's too bad about your phone :( I would feel the same way if I had lost mine.

    But beautiful photos..I can almost see how hot it is there!


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