Crêperie Bretonne / Schueberfouer

On Saturday evening I did my first and only visit to this year's Schueberfouer funfair. It was an incredibly hot day (around 30 degrees C again) and lots of people were out. I went for dinner at Crêperie Bretonne for delicious salty and sweet crepes. Well, today they don't sound that delicious anymore. 

Yesterday I discussed the Bagelstein incident (yesterday's post) with my sister. According to her, a waitress who works at this crêperie was spotted using the public toilets and not washing her hands afterwards. You asked me if there were hygiene laws in Luxembourg. I guess there are but they don't seem to be taken too seriously.

On Sunday I went to Belgium and by coincidence the bathroom I used at two different restaurants had a notice that their staff had to wash their hands and use soap before returning to work. Prior to that, I had only ever seen such notices in the US. If our neighbours, the Belgians are caring about hygiene in the restaurant industry, hopefully this trend will reach Luxembourg at some point too... I guess it's sometimes preferable to be unaware of what is going on in restaurant kitchens as I would probably not eat out anymore. 
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  1. omg that looks so yummy

  2. That has to be the most creative looking crepe I have ever see ! What I like about crepe is its versatility! Either salty or sweet choice, both are nice! If I had to choose I'd probably end up with a sweet choice! Something with Nutella and fruit with a touch of cream!

  3. Loving that Crepe! Seems like you had a great dinner at that place

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  4. Oooh... the crepes sure look yummy. But ewww... about the staff not washing hands. It's basic hygiene. I always wash my hands with soap whenever soap is available and I don't even handle food. Sometimes ignorance indeed is bliss.

    Jo's Jumbled Jardinière

  5. Looks so good! Also good to know the staff were so hygienic!


  6. Hello Anouk.

    I feel quite touched by yesterday and today posts as my husband is in the business and yesterday evening I was discussing with him your issue with the bagel place. He told me that for professional waiters it is a must to follow some hygiene rules - they must attend mandatory trainings each and every period about hygiene rules and most of the places he worked where periodically subjects to intense hygiene controls, not only related to their own procedures, but for example also to the food preservation. Unfortunately, he said, in some places in Luxembourg, waiters are not professional. That means they are not people who professionally studied to be waiters and to work in the restaurants. For example, we noted that in Schuber most of the waiters are students who tried to have some spare money with this job or for example bad quality places tend to hire non-qualified people as they are cheaper - but then again they are not professionally qualified to do their job.
    For sure, for a restaurant it is more expensive having a professional waiters... but then you can see the difference - my husband is applying the same hygiene procedures at home and it is quite stressful for me. So, just to conclude, there are hygiene laws and rules in Luxembourg and people in the field must respect them... unfortunately in the nowadays business the most important thing for some is just the financial result and they don't care which kind of service they are offering. I suppose that if people stop going to cheap service places where this kind of accidents happen, then it will be a key factor for restaurant put some attention to people they hire.
    Just to bring a further example: my husband was looking for a change some years ago and he went to this restaurant in my area who he knew was looking for personnel. They proposed him 800 euro per month - with no contributions nor CNS. He studied 5 years for being a waiter and he had almost 7 years experience and for his profession the minim salary is like 1,800 euro per month. Who do you think will accept such deal?

    Anyway - I always liked the Creperie bretonne, but normally I go there for the oysters and wine dinner. I plan to go there during this week and I will let you know my further feelings.

    In the meanwhile have a great time abroad.


    1. Hi Corie, thanks for sharing this insider knowledge about the restaurant industry. It's a fact that many students are hired to be waiters at the Schueberfouer and clearly, the employers are not going to spend time and money to provide training for them. Washing hands with soap after using the ladies' should be common sense but as we know, common sense isn't too common. As for Bagelstein; what struck me most was that the casual way in which the guy was nibbling the cheese off the bagel in front of me and his colleagues. At first I even thought that he was preparing one for himself! Just shameless... I believe that things will remain as they are. But professional and attentive service will always be appreciated and rewarded from my side. That, plus raise awareness are the only things we can do. Have a great week being back in Lux.

  7. Gosh, these crepes look utterly delicious and particularly the savoury version, they're just impossible to find in the UK and so I always have to wait until I'm abroad to enjoy them! Also, with regard to kitchen staff hygiene, I grew up with my mother always telling me not to look as I'd most likely see something that would put me off my food haha :) Thanks for sharing this tasty experience!

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice

  8. I prefer not to know too because then I wouldn't want to eat out too.


  9. Those crêpes look amazing and have certainly made my mouth water! I'm a fan of the sweet ones (but you probably know about my sweet tooth already from my blog!) I think I would have been shocked too to discover waitresses not washing hands!!

  10. In NYC, restaurants are required to prominently post their health grades outside and I try to stick to places with A grades but still you never really know what's happening behind the scenes.

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  11. This looks super duper yummy!
    xo, Jane

  12. The crepe looks very delicious, but oh my word, this hygiene thing now will put me off... I never thought much of that before, but now every time I go to a restaurant I will think "did they wash their hands?" Because it's true, we never know whether they wash or not! These signs are needed everywhere, I guess!

  13. it's so interesting you say that about sanitation in the restaurant industry there.. where here in Canada, people go thru multiple and recurring sanitation checks before you open a dining place. i even know of a place here where they postponed opening up to 6 months because they can't seem to pass standards.

    hopefully, things will really get better over there in terms of that concern of yours..

    anyway, that crepe is making me drool!! :D

    Have a great day!
    Animated Confessions

  14. That is insane Anouk! Over here hygene laws and such are uber important. Places go through checks and everything. They get really anal about it but sometimes a lot of places slip too and they don't do what they're supposed to be doing. But they always get caught out and publicly shamed lol! I hope things get better for Lux soon though. I'd never think food was handled with poor care like that. Not from Europe at least!


  15. The food from the photos looks delicious. I don't know what has happened, I'll read in your previous post, but that's a delicate subject. Honestly, I prefer to be not aware of what's happening "behind the curtains".

  16. Yummy ! Crepes are so delicious :)


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