Burj Khalifa or My first day in Dubai

Yesterday morning I finally arrived in Dubai after travelling for 18 hours. At one point I thought I'd never make it. Due to my first flight leaving an hour late, I missed my connection in Zurich. But I only realized this once I got to Zurich. I then had to fly to Munich to catch the next available flight. In short, instead of arriving in Dubai on Tuesday evening, I got here on Wednesday morning.

Given the choice I would have taken a nap and slept until noon but my friend and I had booked tickets to visit the Burj Khalifa and so we had breakfast, freshened up and walked to the tallest building in the world. When we got out of the hotel it was like stepping into a sauna. I found it difficult to breathe and I felt sweaty immediately. Luckily, right next to the hotel, there is an air-conditioned covered path that leads directly to Dubai Mall and the Burj Khalifa. 

We visited three levels of the 828 m tall building. We were welcomed at the top level (not the very top but the highest level for visitors) with fresh juices, macarons and chocolates. We then moved to lower floors for more views. Funnily the lower we went, the better the views became. 

After the tour, we strolled around Dubai Mall. The clothes, shoes and bags selection was fantastic. I also spotted a Cheesecake Factory there. I wasn't really in a shopping mood, so we went to Al Ras to visit a spice market, which turned out to be a disappointment because it was small and nothing was going on there. 

A funny incident occurred when my friend, a guy, was unawarely sitting with me in a ladies' part of metro train carriage. One girl politely told him that he would be fined if caught. We had no idea that such a segregation existed on trains. Then I noticed that there was a pink line separating the male and female areas and everyone around us was sticking to the rule. 

We headed back to our hotel and relaxed at the pool, had dinner and watched the sun go down on the Burj Khalifa. Today I will visit the Palm Islands and tonight maybe go out a bit. Go out but stay indoors :)



  1. I was really looking forward for your Dubai posts - this place is on top of my list for a long trip! Pictures are stunning! I am a bit concerned about the segregation accident that occurred to your friend - I can understand we must respect other cultures but still I find it a bit forced for such advanced place!

    Looking forward for other pictures!


  2. Again amazing pictures and excellent information about the train - so nice that the girl told you that, who wants to be fined! I loved the views and knowing that there is a cheese cake factory there! Hope you enjoy your trip a lot!

  3. Ah plane troubles suck! Those views are amazing though! Dubai sounds like an interesting place.

  4. So sorry to hear about your flight delays that would have me panicking so badly! These photos are absolutely stunning and are making me excited to visit Dubai!


  5. so beautiful pictures :)

  6. Love the Burj Khalifa. Went last year and the views are stunning. Glad you got up for your reservation. xx

  7. Wonderful Dubai ! These areas in metro must be strange ! Enjoy your travel :)

  8. Beautiful photographs, thank you for sharing your trip :)

    Camille xo


  9. It's good you finally made it there. Interesting about the segregated train car. I wasn't aware that kind of thing still existed.

  10. Wow Dubai looks crazy! I can't believe how high that building is

  11. Flight delays drive me bonkers, lol. It's a different culture there, interesting about the train, I thought it was optional. At least there was comfort in finding the Cheesecake Factory. Pity about the spice market. :)
    Cast-Iron Cooking

  12. I can see that you made the most of your first day in Dubai and your photos are stunning! We have just returned home having spent a couple of days there on the way to and from Vietnam. It is hot at the moment but I hope you manage to visit the Creek and the Al Fahidi Historical District with the wind towers. One of my favourite cafés, XVA is there too. It has a pretty courtyard but I think it may be closed for the summer.

  13. Such an incredible place! And the views are just something... Enjoy the trip! x

  14. Wow, Dubai looks amazing through your lens! Sorry to hear that you got there on Wednesday morning, instead of Tuesday evening. Have fun! Looking forward to see your next post!

  15. 18 hours flight? OMG! That's crazy! Dubai is really beautiful from above. I really love to go there someday too :)

    Have a nice day! :)


  16. Everything looks amazing! Enjoy your stay!
    xo, Jane

  17. It looks amazing! Segregation on trains sounds so unnecessary! Enjoy your trip X


  18. wow! Your pictures are amazing!! I hope one day to visit Dubai! thanks for sharing your experience and pics.
    Glamoury Armory Blog

  19. Oh wow, I've always wanted to visit Dubai! It looks like such a cool city! Beautiful photos!


  20. Such spectacular shots, and very interesting to get an insight into life in Dubai including travelling on the trains

    Suze | LuxuryColumnist

  21. An air conditioned path?! Whaaaaaat! That seems to extreme and yet NECESSARY. That heat, blah.


  22. Your salads looks good. Dubai looks so modern and everything looks new.

  23. Stunning pictures!

    Greets from Greece :)

  24. Wow sounds like quite a stressful journey getting there!
    That's interesting about the subway system separating the genders - I never knew it would be like that.


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