Dinner at Mamacita

Last night I met Martyna for dinner. We went to Mamacita for Mexican food. I was a bit upset with the waiter because he wouldn't let me sit on the terrace even though no one was sitting there, plus I had made a reservation. When Martyna asked him for the terrace, he gave her a table. After realizing that we were together, he was the one who looked upset, haha. 
The food was alright... I had hoped that the frijoles would taste a bit better.
Martyna's salsa was very yummy though.
My salad was a bit bland. I think that next time I will go for a burrito or a quesadilla. 
After dinner we went for a stroll through the city. It was a warm Friday evening, just perfect to start the weekend. Have a look at Martyna's blog, where she writes about her travels and shares her passion for photography.

9, Rue des Bains
L-1212 Luxembourg

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  1. Thanks for the lovely evening yesterday! To be honest I thought that the food was a bit bland as well. The burrito I had the last time I was there was definitely better! Next time though! ;-) Love all the pictures as always, cannot wait for your black and white post!

  2. Looks delicious. The nachos are one of my favourites.

  3. Oh, I need a night like this... And food like this, too. :)

  4. The food looks good! That's unfortunate about the waiter..did he tell you a reason why you couldn't sit there? =\

    1. He said that I should have specified the terrace when I made the reservation. But it turned out to be bs... :(

    2. Really? He just made that up coz he didn't have a valid reason.

  5. they look so delicious and your photo skill's amazing anouk!

  6. Gosh, this post is making me hungry! I absolutely love Mexican food but haven't had it in ages. That's a shame about the waiter though, I'd be upset too...

  7. everything looks so delicious!

  8. Discrimination. I think it's crazy how people treat others with less courtesy, especially when they are in a "people/service" profession. You should have reported him to the manager, such attitude never flies here in the US. The customer is always right ;) Anyway, hope this incident did not deter you from spending a good time with your friend!

  9. Amazing food ! Your photos are delicious :)

  10. Exverythign looks so tasty. What a shame about that awful waiter. I hope you took his discourtesy out on his tip.

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  11. Mamacita has a nice name, but a rude waiter, which is a minus. Anyway, the food looks nice, especially the first one!

  12. I was going to dinner on this restaurant tonight but I don't know if I'm going anymore!! Thanks for the review!



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