Fu Lu Shou Inn & Aux 3 sens

Recently I've deliberately chosen to eat at restaurants that I had never been to before. Let's start with the first one: Fu Lu Shou Inn, a Chinese restaurant in Luxembourg City.

When I got there with my friend K, we were the only ones there and I jokingly said to her, "it's good that you made a reservation!" Well, after a while the place quickly filled up and it became almost full.

The service was so so. The gentleman who was working there, was really helpful and friendly, whereas the two ladies were less proactive, which is 'normal' in Luxembourg.

This is what I had: prawn curry with vegetables. It was served with rice and it tasted really good.

K wanted an iced coffee for dessert, and I ordered a small vanilla ice cream.

K has lived in China and is more familiar with this kind of cuisine. In her opinion the food was very good; the tofu she had was similar to the one that she had eaten in China. Let's trust her words! 

Fu Lu Shou Inn
56, Rue de Strasbourg
L-2560 Luxembourg


I also tried a new restaurant in Esch: Aux 3 sens.

Part of their menu is a selection of jacket potatoes with various toppings. I chose the Mont Blanc with reblochon cheese.

My friend had a healthier meal consisting of grilled salmon. A good place for eating out with a very friendly service! 

Aux 3 sens
15, Rue du Brill
L-4041 Esch-sur-Alzette

I enjoy trying out new restaurants and in Luxembourg there are still many that I haven't been to...



  1. I will note down this Chinese restaurant as I haven't found yet the one that I would really like. For me the same, so many untried places. The thing is if I find the place I like a lot, so I tend to go there and I forget to try something new.

  2. Both restaurants sound interesting and the food looks delicious indeed!

  3. Love Chinese food and these dishes looks so yummy!

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    Shopping Girls

  4. I love your restaurant reviews. All this food looks very delicious!


  5. Ohh that restaurant looks amazing! Now craving chinese food x


  6. I have the same purpose, the only problem is that here in my city there arent many new! Both look very nice, especially the Chinese one, I dont eat Chinese food from ages! xo

  7. the food look very delicious, I have tons of chinese restaurant over here, and all of them are delicious and you need reservation before eat in there. I think all chinese very great in cooking!

    xo June

  8. It' so easy to visit favourite restaurants which we know to be good but I also like to try new ones too. In fact, we are trying an unfamiliar one at the weekend! These two both appeal to me as the food looks good and it is well presented.

  9. Everything looks so tasty! I've been making a point to try out new restaurants this year as well.

  10. The plates in the Chinese restaurant are funny looking haha! I'm glad the food taste alright though! Recently my tummy has not been tolerating Chinese food too well possibly due to the oil they use! Oh well, at least I can still enjoy Japanese food which is my favourite anyway :) let me know how do you like the movie 59 shades of grey!

  11. i love chinese food and this restaurant looks great.

  12. yay for amazing food and discovering new spots! you know me, I'm all about that in my city too! :D

    Animated Confessions

  13. I love trying new restaurants also! I have so many places I want to try here in Hawaii! I enjoy reading through your food posts although I've never been to Luxembourg before! Thank you for sharing!

  14. I am craving Chinese now, that vegetable curry looks divine Anouk. Mmmm.


  15. Love these yummy Chinese food pix! Perfect for the lunar New Year!!
    xo, Jane

  16. This looks very delicious, yum! Xxx

  17. Found your blog and I’d like to say that I’m in love with it! You have interesting posts and everything is beautiful! Amazing!
    I’ll be happy to see you in my blog!)

    Diana Cloudlet

  18. So, what's the conclusion? You have many choices and places to blog about! I don't trust Chinese restaurants in my country, but the one you went to looks really nice! I'd love to have those potatoes from the 2nd one as well!

  19. Marvelous restaurant ! Your photos are always delicious :)

  20. It's good to change up your routine when visiting restaurants. I love to venture out, even though we have our favourites. The food looks very appetising <3 /M

  21. The outside of that restaurant is so pretty. I made a mistake of looking at this post already hungry. Now I will go to the pantry and make bad decisions because that fish looks sooooo good.
    Texas Jak

  22. This looks like an incredible restaurant!!!
    Melanie @ meandmr.com

  23. I also enjoy visiting new restaurants. The Chinese food looks so delicious. The ice cream is always a sure bet.

  24. I got hungry after seeing the pics of food you had! Excellent photos! :)

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  25. Delicious food.
    Great exterior!


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