Birchbox & Momofuku Má Pêche

I found my perfect upcoming giveaway at the Birchbox store in SoHo. I built my own box and added a handful of lovely beauty goodies as well as a notepad into it. The giveaway will be on at the beginning of March!

The shop is impressive, there are so many beauty products from skin to hair to nails, etc.

I did a bit of shopping at DKNY on W Broadway. I first shopped there ten years ago and each time I go there, I find clothes that I like.

This is what I had for lunch at Má Pêche, which serves Asian American food: vegetable rice cakes, broccoli salad and fried trout buns. The menu is really short but the waiters are regularly stopping by offering you plates and trays with extra side dishes. It's an interesting place; certainly worth checking out at least once. 

Momofuku Má Pêche
15 W 56th St
New York, NY 10019

I had dinner at Sushi Zen, a great Japanese restaurant in Midtown, in the same street as my hotel. The food was not cheap but it was excellent, therefore worth it. The photos didn't turn out great so I'm not posting them. 

Today is my last day! I'll be meeting friends for brunch and then say goodbye to the city that never sleeps...



  1. cool photos, the city looks beautiful! :)

    (IG: @TheStardustBohemian)

  2. I am definately gonna try Ma Peche next time in NY

  3. Sounds like you are having a blast!
    Enjoy your last day!

  4. I didn't know Birchbox was a store as well! I love the street pictures, they look so NYC. Have a good last day!

  5. Great photos, this makes me want to go to NY

  6. Loving these photos..ahh I really want to go to NY again soon!! The Birchbox shop seems cool!

  7. Beautiful photos!

  8. You had fun shopping in NYC. There's so many choices over there. I like the Momofuku restaurants too.

  9. Amazing photos!
    Have a nice week end!
    Photographer Gil Zetbase

  10. I'll look forward to here more about momofuku Ma peche, have fun and happy travels

  11. OMG I never heard about that store but this looks awesome!!!!!!!! I hope you have a great time at NY babe! Wish you a good back home flight! Take care xo P.S. We toat's have to grab some drinks when you're back! We have so much to discuss xo Yaya Van Chique

  12. Really amazing pics! :D


  13. I love the Birchbox store and try to stop by whenever I'm in the neighborhood. I've eaten at Momofuku downtown a few times but I have yet to try Má Pêche. I definitely want to go now based on your experience.

  14. Wow, looking forward to the giveaway! This is so generous of you, so thank you! I saw your finds at DKNY on Instagram, they look very nice! The food at Má Pêche looks yummy. Btw, I have heard that good restaurants have short menu. Love the third photo!

  15. I didn't know Birchbox actually has stores, too! I mean I've always heard about it on blogs and always thought it's just a regular subscription box where you don't know what you get! Also so nice of you to make a giveaway with what you purchased! Can't wait to get a glimpse at the content ;)

  16. New York <3
    Fabulous photos, kisses :)

  17. Gorgeous photos! I've never heard of Birchbox before but I need to stop by whenever I'm in the city again (which is hopefully soon)!

  18. I had no idea Birchbox had a store! My friend has been a subscriber and loves receiving her monthly boxes. I have yet to take the leap ;)


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