New Year's Eve 2014

To think that in summer we had talked about celebrating New Year's Eve in Hawaii... Instead we found ourselves in freezing Luxiland on New Year's Eve. Fab, David and I spent a good week in a Messenger conversation discussing what we would do on 31st December. When the day arrived, because of the lack of alternatives, the only thing we had agreed on was that we would have dinner in the City. 
And it wasn't as if we could really choose the restaurant that we wanted to eat at because most places were either full, closed or offered a set menu that would possibly not appeal to one or the other. The place that Fab finally found was Maharaja, the lowest ranked Indian restaurant in Luxembourg City, according to TripAdvisor. 
I had eaten there many many years ago. I think it is one of the first Indian restaurants that I had ever tried in my life. But at that time I wasn't really able to judge the quality of the food because I didn't have any other Indian restaurants to compare it to. After having reading the feedbacks on TripAdvisor, my expectations were very low. 
I had the prawn masala but I have to say that it wasn't that bad. Although very salty; I ate all of it. Fab and David were happy with their meals as well. Interestingly, Maharaja also serves Indonesian and Thai food. 
We were now stuffed with food but we had no idea what to do next. We all agreed that we didn't want to spend too much time wandering around in the cold. So I spontaneously proposed to see what was going on at House 17. 
It wasn't a bad choice in the end: we got sit down in a cosy corner, sip our Gin and Tonics, watch some very interesting looking people walk by and one of the waiters even kindly offered to bring us dessert. We had to turn it down though because we were still full. 
Before we even realized it, the clock had struck midnight and we we had entered 2015. 
Here you can see part of my outfit... I never really dress up for NYE and as usual I didn't know what to wear. Finally I settled on simple outfit: Yileste top (similar here), Zara skirt (similar here) and Asos quilted bag
It was a fairly quiet night; not much craziness and no excesses. We shared some funny moments, wound each other up and wondered what the New Year would hold for us. If 12 months ago someone had predicted to me what was going to happen in 2014, I would radically have said no to certain episodes. But they did happen. Still it was a much much better year than 2013 (the worst year of my entire life). 
I don't know what 2015 holds for me and I'm sure that if I learned about some things now, I would probably be stunned (in good and bad ways). But that's what life is about. Some things are going to happen but we can choose how we deal with and react to them. We always have a choice. Ha, and hopefully, we will choose a more organized NYE next time.

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  1. Great photos and outfit. I hope this year will be even more better than 2014 for you :)

  2. Very interesting post with amazing pictures. You and your outfit is looking lovely :)

  3. Great pics and wonderful food!
    You look amazing!
    Happy new year!

    My last post: Time to restart

    Shopping Girls

  4. Amazing moments and pictures ! You are so pretty <3

  5. Love the pictures! Happy New Year!


  6. My friends and I totally failed to plan anything for this New Year's Eve, and by the time the hours were getting closer to 2015, I just went to bed. I think it is ok to sometimes not plan anything and just go with the flow. Seems like you still have a good time because you were surrounded by your friends. My New Year's Eve involved long skype conversations with my family and friends abroad. And that was fine by me.
    Love the pictures by the way!
    Hope 2015 brings you more joy and memorable experiences!

    Skattered Notes: A Lifestyle Blog

  7. great photos dear ... happy new year! I wish you all the best in 2015
    check out my blog


  8. A the end you organized a nice and fun NYE, love your outfit, you were so gorgeous and classy Anouk! I like what you wrote at the end, I think how we react and deal with what happens make the difference. Hope 2015 brings you only success and travels!:) Happy weekend! xo

  9. Happy new year you too!

    Francesca http://www.everydaycoffee.it/

  10. I feel like you have evolved and grown so much in 2014. I remembered you started the year with a BANG (the hair!) and I absolutely LOVED you in the colour. No matter what happens in 2015, I am sure you will handle it with grace and confidence! I have enjoyed being your companion on the blogging road and I look forward to see more success and happiness in the year to come! Happy 2015 :)

  11. Beautiful pictures, and I love your chic classy outfit.
    Happy New Year

  12. Looks amazing! Beautiful photos x

    There's a mystery giveaway on my blog!


  13. That's a bummer so many restaurants were full or booked, but hope the Indian restaurant you guys ended up at wasn't too bad! Also, gin and tonics to start the new year sounds awesome x

    Tee @ Rotten One

  14. You look gorgeous, as always. And I really like the way you celebrated the New Years - I think it really is the company that counts the most. The rest happens naturally. Happy new year, Anouk! x

  15. tu es vraiment ravissante sur ces photos, joyeuse année à toi aussi pleins de bonnes choses

  16. Happy New Year! It looks and sounds like a great NYE well spent. We had a nice and quite NYE and this year that's exactly how I wanted it. Perfect! :) /Madison

  17. Looks like a great New Years! I love Indian Food-- so those pictures are making me hungry lol
    Melanie @ meandmr.com

  18. Haha I find that not planning an NYE works best, because high expectations for NYE are always let down. Happy New Year!

  19. It's always the best spending the special moments with family and friends like you did!
    Wish you all the best of 2015!
    xo, Jane

  20. It looks like you had a fun NYE

  21. Amazing photos, sweetie!
    Fox my Style/ Bloglovin / Facebook/
    Let us stay connected. xo

  22. Beautiful photos. Looks like you had a great new years. These photos make me hungry too. ;) x

  23. Hawaii sounds great! You should do this next year, seriously, think about it! Seems that you had fun although you didn't have a certain plan for NYE. You look so beautiful, I really like your outfit and hair! I hope that 2015 will be better for all of us! Have a nice Sunday! xo

  24. Glad the meal was better than expected! I bet it's beautiful to spend it in Luxiland though, I thought it was a beautiful country/city when I visit, just a bit small!

    Good luck in 2015 :)

    Corinne x

  25. Love your simple outfit, my dear!

  26. Gorgeous outfits and sometimes the unplanned and unorganised are the most fun events.
    Here is to a more spontaneous 2015!

  27. I love your sleek outfit as usual :)


  28. Gorgeous outfit :)


  29. Stuning photos, you are absolutely beautiful! I'm a new follower of yours and cant wait to read more posts of yours <3


  30. Lovely post and amazing outfit!
    Have a nice week-end!
    Angela Donava

  31. It looks like you had a great night! Love all the pictures!

    - Deniz

  32. Best Wishes for 2015!!


  33. aahhh beautiful!!! :D looks to me you had a great time during new year's eve. i actually ended up sleeping through it, would you believe that?!

    Animated Confessions

  34. Can I say that you look absolutely stunning!! I wish you had went to go visit Hawaii in New Year's Eve! I didn't do much but fireworks were going off since 5PM and was pretty much nonstop! Happy New Year!!

  35. Prawn masala must taste so good. I ate chicken masala on a New Year's Day party here. I would like to learn to cook it now.

  36. I see that you spent your New Year's Eve with great people ;) All the best in this year 2015! :*

  37. Happy belated New Year!! You look great & I love your outfit!


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