Novum at Weingut Frieden-Berg in Nittel

Last week I had a Christmas dinner / team event at Novum in Nittel, Germany. 
Nittel is a small village right in Germany, next to Luxembourg, across the river Mosel. There are numerous wine producers and cosy restaurants in the Weinstrasse (wine street). 
We started off with some finger food. 
The starter already felt like a main course: smoked salmon with a rösti (potato cake). It was so delicious and filling at the same time. 
The person next to me had a carpaccio. 
Our main course was to be prepared by ourselves on a hot stone. 
Everyone had meat, but I had opted for the fish version. 
The jacket potato was part of the main course. 
The dessert looked beautiful but I would have preferred ice cream instead of the sorbet. Also the chocolate inside the moelleux au chocolat was, for my taste, not runny enough. 
But I certainly didn't leave hungry. It was a fun evening in good company! Nittel is just a hop away across the border but to me it felt like being on holidays, far away. 

Restaurant Novum
Weingut Frieden-Berg
19a, Weinstrasse
D-54453 Nittel



  1. Yummy you always eat the best food

  2. The hot plate is such a fab idea & I love the look of the mixed platter to start.
    Hugs Adele xoxo

  3. Looks like a really good food! I really want that dessert-- I love the lava cakes!
    Melanie @ meandmr.com

  4. The starter looks huge! We brought back some of those hot stones from Germany a few years ago and it's such a fun and sociable way to dine. I think I would have opted for the fish option too.

  5. great pictures, this food looks so yummy :3

  6. You can't beat good food and good company for a fun evening out.

  7. oh wow the food looks amazing here! looks like you had a great night!

  8. The chocolate looks running to me haha! Everything looks yummy!

  9. Very nice. Smoked salmon and rosti is one of my favourite food. I saw one restaurant in Paris where guests can also cook on hot stone. The dessert looks so delicious too. It was worth the trip for you.

  10. Ahh these all look delicious especially the potato cakes!!

  11. Mmmmm this looks delicious! I have never heard of a restaurant where you can cook your own dinner-that's actually pretty cool! What if you don't cook it enough or are just really bad a cooking? Wouldn't that make your meal less than good?
    Olivia | Her Name Was Celebration

    1. Actually, you're just grilling the food. There is not much that can go wrong :)

  12. This meal is loaded with yummy seafood! How nice it is to have meeting dinner in another country :) I looked up Luxemburg and it is nested right between Germany, Belgium and France!! Does that mean that you speak all three languages (not counting English)!!! I'm so impressed :)

  13. You are so lucky to be able to go to Germany just like that! All the food looks delicious! Especially the dessert. Sorry to hear that it didn't taste as good as it looked!

  14. Super yum and delicious pix!!

  15. Marvelous place and food ! Your photos are very pretty :)

  16. Μmmmm potato cake!


  17. Your Christmas dinner looks niiiice! And
    so many seafood I see c: Xx

  18. Everything looks so delicious..I love German food!


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