LUSH Blogger Breakfast (Luxembourg)

Photo by Elena Krumlowsky
On Saturday I attended a blogger breakfast at LUSH that Carmen had kindly organized for us. It was a great occasion to learn more about LUSH products, their philosophy, and to spend time with the Luxembourg bloggers.
I have to say that until then I was pretty ignorant regarding LUSH's products. At the presentation I learned that: 
  • The majority of the products are self-preserving
  • Products have an expiry date because they are freshly made
  • Testing is never done on animals but on human volunteers
  • Packaging is kept to a minimum
  • Clients returning empty tins, will get a reward
 The first part of the event was an introduction to the product range.
LUSH's special Christmas products.
Dropping a bath bomb... 
 The second part involved the group creating a couple of products from scratch. 
The event was really enlightening and I liked the great energy with which the LUSH team had welcomed us. 
At the end I also got a goodie bag with a Dashing Santa bath bomb, Hot Toddy shower gel and a Christmas Hedgehog bubble bar. 

60, Grand-Rue
L-1660 Luxembourg



  1. I read all posts about this event from the bloggers who have already posted and I feel like I attended this event too :))) and there were so many new faces that I haven't seen! I hope Lush will repeat this kind of event again someday!

  2. So sad that I missed this!! :( It seems like you all had a lot of fun :D
    I love LUSH's Christmas products, especially their bath bombs and melts, but usually refrain from buying too many since they are not cheap considering the price per use ratio.

  3. Wish they opened a store also here, love Lush products! You wee so lovely and the goodies you got are utterly cute! Happy Decembre Anouk xo

  4. So sad I missed it :( I love Lush products, they are so fresh and have a pleasant light smell. My fav are the balls for bath and the kiwi facial mask. This is one of the best mask I've ever tried!

  5. Ah, gutted i missed it! I do have to say your photography in this post is stunning, WOW!

  6. Such a great photos. I adore LUSH, they always have amazing products. Have a great day. Mel

  7. It always smells so divine inside Lush stores. Their bath bombs are my favorite!

  8. I would spend a lot of time there. Everything looks so tempting; especially the soaps!

  9. Great post about the Lush. I'm so sad that I miss this event. It seems like you had a lot of fun there.

  10. I love Lush products for their no animal testing and self preservative policies.

  11. I have never tried Lush products before.

  12. This looks like such a fun day! I looooove Lush! It just smells so good there all the time!

    be the plebeian

  13. I've never tried their products but I always hear such good things. I love the NO animal testing policy, I wish ALL beauty companies would follow suit.


  14. Such a fun blogger event! Can we have something like that in Jakarta please?!
    Melanie @ meandmr.com

  15. Oh love love love LUSH so much! Their products are absolutely divine. I didn't know about the whole return and get rewarded part :)

  16. I'm such a huge fan of lush! looks like you had a lovely time. Plus your hair looks wonderful my dear

  17. So lucky ! These products look marvelous, I must try them ! :)

  18. it was a very interesting morning :D love your photos as usual :)

  19. I love lush! Everytime I even pass from outside this wonderful smell seduces me!

  20. How fun! The Lush stores here always smell so good.


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