Marc Jacobs pressed powder and foundation review

I received many questions regarding my recent post about the Marc Jacobs powder and foundation that I bought. At the time of posting I hadn't tried out the products yet and therefore I couldn't say much about them. Now that I have had the chance to use them, I am happy to share my feedback. 

The translucent powder: It looks white but it is transparent when applied. It stays on for hours and I don't need to do any retouching. Another advantage is that it doesn't leave any beige mess behind on surfaces because it is transparent. Well, there could be a mess but you don't see it! I would definitely rebuy this powder. 

The foundation: Well, my benchmark is Teint Couture by Givenchy. I only bought MJ foundation because my shade was not available. I love Teint Couture because it passes my ultimate cover test: it makes my freckles disappear. MJ provides good cover and lasts for hours without turning smudgy. It certainly comes very close after my beloved Teint Couture.



  1. Great review. I would love to own such a great powder!

  2. Oh nooo don't make your freckles disappear :O I have a MJ lipgloss, the color is so nice but I can't use it because it moves o.O after a while you look like having jam around your mouth >.<

  3. i know what you mean with not leaving a beige mess with those tinted powders. since my vacation from Jamaica, i've been using a darker shade of powder and it gets everywhere in my dresser, hahaha!

    maybe i'll give that powder a try once i get my winter paler skin. :D

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  4. I will have to try this powder

  5. OK- need to get this!!!!
    Great post!!!!

  6. Great review! Will try the MJ powder!
    xo, Jane

  7. I haven't used these products. The transparent powder was really interesting to me as I have never seen a white one! Did you use it on your last photo on IG? I want to see if there is a difference between this one and a "colourful" powder.

  8. Thank for the reviews! It's good to know these are both winners!

  9. I've been thinking about getting transparent powder as well but I find not many brands sell it. Might look out for it when I'm at a drug store next :)

  10. Beautiful products. The translucent powder looks very good :)

  11. The translucent powder looks so compact. I am glad both products worked well for you.

  12. Wow thanks for posting about this. I was actually thinking about this for a few days after visiting your blog last. I think I need to track some down!


  13. I think the combination of the powder and the foundation works well, I'm gla it is working for you it didn't cover enough for me, but this foundation feels like the skin, beautiful, thanks for this review!!!!



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